Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy week full of laughs

This week went by extremely fast... well more specifically this weekend went by way to fast. Due to the amazing sale at Steve and Barry's we made the drive to VA Beach twice this weekend. Once by ourselves and the other time with our good buddies the Grady's. Thankgoodness the Thornocks lent us their portable DVD player. Sam thought it was magic having Elmo in the car with him! Christopher also got a treat and we actually went to Red Lobster the second time we went down even though Leslie and I hate fish, pretty sure their biscuits alone are reason to go there! We had a great time playing games this weekend and embarrassingly enough plenty of snorts escaped me. The Thornocks and the Grady's came over and we played Cranium and Apples to Apples. I had never played cranium although we had owned it for at least two years now. Christopher astonished everyone when he guessed a Dolly Parton song without any humming at all-- it was truly miraculous. Apples to Apples as always was a blast even though after at least three games not a single one of my cards was picked-- no one gets my humor apparently. Once again Chris had me rolling though as he put down Amputations when my topic was useless. I don't know why that tickled me so much but I was in tears. We also watched the Best Two Years this weekend. Neither Chris or I had seen it and we both really enjoyed it. If nothing else I now REALLY want to go to Holland!

I also had a ton of fun making cupcakes for our teacher training we held today after church. Half were daisy's made with bright yellow frosting and petals made of cut marshmallows and the others were "cub"cakes made with chocolate frosting and snowcaps, red hots etc. they turned out pretty cute. At least all the little girls seemed to like the flowers :) Sam had a blast this weekend knocking down every tower Chris made and then tearing the pieces apart pretending to be cookie monster. It was ridiculously cute. Chris got this tower built behind him while be was distracted but it didn't last long. As you can see Liam has gained control of the remote but Sam keeps a hand on him just in case he decides to change it from Sesame Street. Well back to the grind tomorrow. I am looking forward to the possible trip to UT and even better the amazing possibility of the Pages living by us wooo hoooo!!!


Tillmann Fam said...

Hi Kelly! So I just barely found your comment on my blog, I'm a little slow :) Anyway, I'm so glad you entered the blogging world, it's a fun way to stay in touch! I absolutely love your layout, it's so cute!! I cannot believe how much your boys have changed just in the past couple of weeks! Liam is getting so big! We're totally down with seasame street land! Our neighbors tooks their kids and had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Crawford Clan! I was doing a little blog stalking and found yours from Kristens and Wes. It is so good to see pictures of you two and your totally cute boys! I still remember when you cam to St. George and rode the scooters all the way to Zion's. You guys are too funny!

Natalie Johnson (Tillmann)
I have a blog too! Check it out on Wes and Kristins. Can I put you on my blog page?