Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Showers, vistors and general craziness

This was an extremely busy week. Christopher had an Ethics test so it felt like it was finals all over again! I felt like we were ships passing in the night this week :) On Friday we had a fun baby shower for Jordan! I threw it but it was at Terishas house, which was fabulous because her home is amazingly welcoming with a TON more space. We had a great turn out and I ended up not getting home until eleven PM! Jordan as always was a gracious recipient and received a lot of adorable presents.The theme was "baby's first..." but due to my apparent lack of explanatory skills I don't know how many people got it :) It still went off beautifully though. Then it was rise and shine early on Saturday for our Primary activity. It was a meet your teachers breakfast for the new year. We also played who's line is it anyway where three people would say one fact which was true about only one of them and the kids had to guess who it was. On one of my turns I had to say I was from New Jersey and was Left handed. I did so waving my left hand and speaking with what was probably a horrific New Jersey accent. The kids all flipped out though shouting "It's Sister Crawford!!!" It obviously was not but was sure fun to pretend. This weekend was augmented in its "funness" by Kerstin visiting from DC. She got more than her fill of Thomas the Tank engine and Elmo! It is always a blast having her though. Her sense of humor cracks me up and I LOVE how easy going she is. Kerstin makes it easy to be her friend and I adore that about her. No high maintenance I need a call every other day. We had the Thornocks and the Grady's over to share pizza and play games so Kerstin didn't die of complete boredom with just Chris and I. We also watched our good friend Jill Stevens compete in the Ms. America pageant. She made it to the top 16 but was then eliminated-- oddly enough right after the swim suit competition where she was the only one wearing a one piece! JERKS! It was still wonderful to see her go so far. The excitement continued when I did my first Sharing Time! It was great and the kids were wonderful and I think they had a good time. I no longer get nervous to speak or teach in church so it is mainly excitement. I figure A.) Members are very talkative and always want to tell their stories B.) They are very forgiving or at least very forgetful C.) Kids could care less what you are teaching about as long as you have a big bowl of warm cookies to give them :) It appears this week is going to be as busy as last week. With only three days to go till we go to UT there is a lot to be done! While I am so excited to be going home and seeing our families I cannot be more bummed that I won't be here when Jordan gives birth. I cannot express how helpful she was when we had Liam and I am so sad that I cannot be there for her. I know her mom and Matt's mom will be here but just to be able to take Fischer and let him play with Sam for a while or bring in meals... I guess when I get back I'll just have to jump right on it. I know Sam will be dying to see his best friend. Fischer left nursery early today and Sam had an absolute meltdown and was screaming "ISCHER!" up and down the halls. It is ridiculously adorable how much those two love each other! Who knew two year olds could be such good buddies. I hope it stays that way forever!