Sunday, January 6, 2008

Swimming on a Saturday

We took the boys swimming at the Y on saturday. While Liam slept the whole time Sam had a blast. There were three little girls there who played with him the whole time. They also had all the water features going which was really fun for him to play with. I taught the girls how to play Marco Polo and do handstands which they all thought was pretty neat. I love swimming there because the pool is one of the few ones that is kept warm. You walk right in with no painful gasps. Sam is getting braver and braver which is great since I want to get season passes to water country USA for the summer.

Today we had church at one o'clock. I MUCH perfer nine but what can you do. Liam and I were both feeling pretty sick so we only stayed until after I finished everything with Primary. I am nervous the Liams cough hasn't gone away, especially now that I found out another boy in the ward has RSV and was in the hospital for six days! I am going to take him in to the doctor tommorow and see what we can do. We're also going to get Sams eye rechecked. I just hope he doesn't have to lance it again I don't think I could make it through that. Classes start again tommorow. So that means way less time together, but hopefully this semester will be less stressful without all the job search stuff :) Here's to a new semester!