Friday, January 4, 2008

Why some police officers stink, good sameritans abound, and a little prayer goes a long way

Today was an eventful day. Since Christopher was still up in DC I decided to get Sam and Liam as tuckered out as I could resulting in what I hoped would be a long afternoon nap. In order to do this I loaded them up in the Thornocks car and headed to the gym to go swimming with them then work out and let them play in the kid area. About a half a mile away from the gym I hear a large bang and the car starts to rattle. I had a flat front tire. Of course this occurs in our friends car and at a time when everyone of our friends are home for break and Chris is in DC. I didn't really know what to do. I took a deep breath and said a little prayer. I tried calling Chris but since he deals with sensitive information he is not allowed bring his phone in where he works. So I loaded up Liam and grabbed Sam's hand and we started walking. The very first car that passed was a police officer. I thought for sure he is going to stop since he saw the car with Hazards on and now a women with two small children walking in what couldn't have been more than 30 degree weather. I didn't even see a break light as he passed by. The next car was an older women who pulled over and was so kind. She even had a car seat that she keeps for her grand daughter. Coincidence? I think not. She dropped us off at the gym and the boys and I headed straight for the play place. I told the girls who work their about my plight and Lisa immediately says "you know I have AAA you can totally use it!" She then proceeded to call AAA and they said they would have a person there within the hour! Lisa handed me her AAA card and the boys were able to stay there while I headed back out to wait for the Tow Truck. On the way there Three gentlemen asked if I needed help!! While I was standing by my car another two cars stopped and asked, but don't worry yet another police officer drove pass without even a nod. The car was fixed quickly and without a problem. Often I look at my beautiful boys and almost cry that they will have to grow up in this world. I become overwhelmed with the amount of violence and hatred that seems to abound. Then days like this come along and my faith is once again renewed in the decency of mankind. Each person that stopped was pleasant and sincere. I am so grateful for a swift answer to a simple and panicked prayer.
On a lighter note we had the Grady's and the Moon's over to "play games" and have desert. Of course we spent the next three and a half hours talking while Sam and Atticus played and Liam hung out. It is always soooo much fun to just sit and talk with other couples. It always leaves my cheeks hurting from smiling and gives me so much to think about for the coming days. Of course it always helps that we all have so much in common, but I think the batch of LDS kids going to Law school here are exceptionally amazing. Especially those in the 2L class. It will be hard to leave here in a year and a half. Thank goodness for blogs to stay up dated!