Sunday, January 20, 2008

For the Love of Packing Peanuts

My mom being the amazing lady she is sent us yet another fun package. Although it was filled with toys and books for the boys Sam thought the best present EVER was the packaging peanuts. He spent forever throwing them around and then of course "cookie monstering" them into his face. He and Christopher had a blast rolling around and getting them stuck everywhere! even now days later we have yet to vacuum them all up!
He also has a renewed love of the little piano my parents bought him for his birthday! He Loves to put his legs straight out, rest the piano on it then try to balance objects (his teddy bear, his bowl of fish's etc) on it while he bangs away. My theory is that he loves it so much because Elmo plays the piano at the end of Elmos world. Though he LOVES when I shout out the color he is tapping and he will try to go super fast and trip me up. It was nice to have something to keep them busy though since I was down for the count with strep Throat this weekend. I forgot how severely your throat can hurt. I was actually in fear every time I had to swallow. Chris took great care of me though and with the aide of some really strong antibiotics I am no longer contagious or in pain. PHEW! It was a fairly good weekend to have to stay inside though as we got a good three inches of snow! This is VERY unusual for this area so Sam had fun going outside and seeing the neighbor kids and college students pelt each other with snowballs. It was a nice warm up for him for when we arrive in Utah in two weeks! Yes we are heading west. Christopher's Unit is now going to Afghanistan. Apparently 18 months in Iraq was not enough. Thankfully we have been blessed and Chris does not have to go!!!! He does however have to go back for two weeks to help prepare all the soldiers. I shudder at the thought of what those poor families are gearing up for. Those 18 months were some of the hardest and longest of my life-- and we didn't even have children yet. I literally cannot fathom how I would handle it now with our two boys. I am not even talking about the being the only parent for 18 months I am talking about the constant fear that my boys could grow up without a father. I would be sick every day with worry. Okay moving on because I just can't think about it. On a VERY happy brighter side Chris's little sister Robyn is pregnant! She will be due right around our little Lemers first birthday! I think it is a little crazy but they seem hesitantly thrilled. The baby will come a few weeks before their first anniversary. It is so funny because Chris and I were talking about how last Christmas we took a beautiful expensive Crawford Family picture and we though well that will be good for at least a few years. Then about two weeks later we found out we were expecting Liam... Then IN the fall Robyn gets married and now pregnant so in a short time it will be missing four members of the family! But that's what happens when the families are growing I guess!


Tillmann Fam said...

How fun! Don't you love the never ending supply of peanuts! We got a package clear back in October, and still can't seem to get them all :) Lucy seems to have a new love for her piano too - it must be Elmo!!