Sunday, June 29, 2008

All I could think was "are there Leaches in VA?"

Yet again another stellar weekend! We spent Friday having a BBQ at Waller Mill with The Harrison's and Leslie. It was a hot day but in the shade it was manageable. The Harrison's have an adorable little guy Liam's age named Samuel! Well the two Sam's hit it right off because apparently our Sam has gotten a little used to His bro bros reactions so it was fun to have a fresh audience. (I love that he is doing little piggys in the video thats why I posted it ;))

He also dragged poor Nora and "seslie" as he calls her around the forest. We decided to throw some rocks in the water and then became brave and stepped it. It was gorgeous! Like bath water. Sam immediately began removing clothing. Now per my previous post you know I love water, but I have always had a kind of fear of lakes. I just hate that you can't see what is below you and the feeling of mud squishing between my toes is not horrible but a bit unnerving. In this warm swamp esq water I started to panic a little thinking about whether or not their are leaches in VA? I thought surely there were because this is COLONIAL williamsburg and wasn't that the main method of medicine, as repulsive as it is, leaching things out of you? Shortly there after we stepped out of the very unleach-filled water and I was okay :) (We had a mini photo shot for a new Peek Product hence the matching clothing, we are not freaks or wearing uniforms or anything :))
After the boys had a MUCH needed nap we headed over to Leslie's amazing pool and HUGE playground. The water was perfect and the boys had a ton of fun... when Sam wasn't drowning. Yeah-- it was terrifying. Christopher has now officially put his foot down on having a pool in our backyard. I love Liam's face in the second pic.
Okay so a funny thing that is apparently "Irish" is tucking kids shirts into their shorts. While visiting there last summer my Aunt Felicity would help me get Sam ready for bed and she would always tuck is shirt into his little shorts. They would be hiked up so high. I LOVED it! It was so nerdly cute and it brought back memories of my Grandma and Aunts doing the same thing when I was little. So the other night getting Sam ready I had to do the same thing (it is cuter when they are wearing the super tight PJ's but his "Socca Jamies" work. Then when we went swimming he hiked up his swim diaper and it brought back the same memory :)

YOU'VE GOT MAIL-- Three very powerful words

I recieved two wonderful packages this past week. One from my older Sister Felicity, spoiling me for my birthday with not one but TWO great gift cards! Thank you didodidodee! Then my mom let me know she had ordered something online. I was excited--- then when I opened the mailbox and saw a shabby apple package I nearly peed my pants! Now for those of you who don't know I LOVE shabby Apple, but they are NOT cheap. I tore it open and inside was this dress:
THANK YOU MOM!!! I LOVE IT! I am now looking for any excuss to wear it. I am now the proud owner of 2 shabby apple dresses. Both viciously protected from sticky hands and runny noses!


Nora and Adam said...

that dress is AMAZING on you. seriously, it looks like it was made just for you. go mom on picking it out!

LondonCalling said...

I am so glad it fit! We were at the computer trying to judge based on Claire which size to get you. Mom had to track down like three people the figure out where to get it because we saw it on a girl at church and knew it would be fabulous on you. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Tillmann Fam said...

Happy Birthday...hope you're doing something fun to celebrate! I am absolutely in love the that dress! Kudos to your mom for picking it out, I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Blue is absolutley your color! Sounds like some fun! Happy Birthday! Birthdays are the best...mine is two months away and I already have a wish list!

Robyn Reynolds said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love the dress your mom got you.