Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bubbles and Big Piles of Leaves

I took the boys up to play in the leaves up at CW yesterday. We had just received a fun package from Chris' mom that contained bubbles so I brought those along as well. The workers had cleaned up all the leaves on the streets and made hug piles along side the road.
This made for a fantastic time. Of course after a while Sam wanted to blow the bubbles and Liam just wanted to eat the wand.
They met a really cute little girl who thought they were hysterical so Sam tromped around in the leaves trying to evoke laughter from Sam and Lea-- he was very successful.

I was sooooo glad we went and did this when we did because the next morning when we headed out for a run all the piles were magically gone! It's those elves you talked about Nora ;)


Kristin said...

Yea...I'm totally loving the Christmas music!!! So we'd totally love for you to take our pics, I was actually hoping that you would, since we have yet to get family pictures taken, I know...I'm terrible! Anyway, I love the pic of you and Chris, can't wait to see the rest! You're looking pretty cute in your new dress!!

nora said...

those elves man, they just work, work, work. those pictures are awesome. keep up the colorful work:)

Elizabeth Moon said...

Wow--your leaf pictures are beautiful!

I'm loving the dress with the sparkly belt...and where did the boots come from? Very cute. Did you end up wearing any of the other outfits?