Friday, November 14, 2008

Look at that face!

Nicole handed me a dvd today at art with our family pictures on it and I couldn't wait to get it home! I tried to talk myself into not putting them up here so when they are on our Christmas card they are more of a surprise but I couldn't help myself!
Liam basically stole the show and I just about died when I saw this pic. It is so perfect that he is scowling-- that's Lemers to a T.
Sam gave this great smile Nicole called it sam the ladies man ;)

Trouble one and trouble two:
Nicole was also kind enough to snap one of just me. I told her I wanted one for Christopher to put on his desk at work so all his coworkers say "Wow you have got one good lookin' wife!" I know vanity flare up but she was kind enough to oblige and hopefully didn't judge me to harshly :)
A cute one of me and the man of my dreams:
High flying adored:


LondonCalling said...

Leemers is a GAP baby- he has the Zoolander look down pat!

Patty Girl said...

Holy Crap! Definitely the cutest "boy in a tweed hat" that I have ever seen. And you are one hot mama!