Sunday, November 2, 2008

smell my feet :)

Halloween was pretty fun this year. It was very laid back because we don't have a candy hording child yet who realizes that the more house you go to the more candy you get, but Sam did actually "get it" this year. To start off with we went to a few people in our neighborhood. Liam looked like he was choking on something before we even got started, giving me visions of Heimlich maneuvers from hard candy.
Ironically enough the first house we went to (the Thornock's :)) no one was home.
Sam liked taking his hat off and throwing it, I was just happy we was wearing it at all. After a few Midland homes we loaded the boys up and went to people we knew. This time I called ahead and luckily the Grady's postponed their dinner in order to give the boys some candy. Liam totally biffed it walked down a little slope in their parking lot and got some pretty nice road rash on his forehead. Now he looked like super tough king foo panda! Sam of course walked right in and acted like we were going to stay a while (he proceeded to do this at most houses we went to).
Liam picked up Leslie's blackberry and head out the door. I thought this was a pretty good treat :) We then wanted a safe fun neighborhood so we headed over to Sam's good buddy Thomas' neighborhood where we hit up the Lacy's and the Crookstons. Plus we got some of their awesome neighbors. Directly across the street from Thomas' house, the lady was giving out full sized candy bars! (I know as an adult this shouldn't be all the cool but I was still excited).
She had shop all set up on her drive way. Liam was much more brave then sam. She had a skull that lit up and talked and Sam would not go near her so Chris had to get the candy. She asked Chris which the boys would like and he picked his and my favorites haa! Way to go hubby! Then we headed over to our old neighborhood to tick or treat there. It was really fun seeing our old friends and showing off how much the boys had grown. It made me really miss living there, the vaulted ceilings, the fireplace, the ample storage, the pool, oh and then I remember the ample rent we paid and I felt much better ;) Because the boys had not had enough sugar we grabbed an ice cream on the way home. I turned to give Sam his and found he was already occupied with a finger up each nose.
Seriously charming. I remembered what my brother in law Glen told my niece Bailey when he caught her doing the same thing "you just keep doing that until you are 18, it will keep the boys away" Haaa! I can only hope it works to ward off girls also.


Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

Well that stinks we missed you guys. We went to dinner and got home a little late. It would have been great to see the Pirate and the Panda.

Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

This is Kendra now...I thought we might have missed you! We still have some candy so bring them over again and we'll share!