Sunday, November 2, 2008

Its hard to find good help

While Sam was good and went down for a LONG nap the other day Liam talked to himself in his crib for a little over 45 mins. Finally he got pretty insistent and I didn't want him to wake up Sam and Daddy so I went and got him. I was in the midst of cutting out a pattern so I put him on the floor next to me in the playroom. This is when the "you can buy all the toys you want but kids are going to play with whatever they are not supposed to" kicks in. First he helped me by getting up and moving two feet in order to sit right on my fabric.
He then picked up scraps and attempted to tie them around his neck
(I think he was seeing if it would make a good tie). He is also great at Tech support. When I went to the computer to work on the primary program he helped me by making sure the printer was in good order.
This morning while Liam and Chris napped I made a little tweed hat with material from a tweed coat I bought at a thrift store. (you get a ton of fabric and buttons and lining for 1.99!!) I was able to complete it and get Sam tot wear it for a little while but as soon as Liam was awake he claimed it for his own. It was a little big but it works :)


The Grady's said...

Liam looks SOOOO incredibly adorable in his little hat...almost like a little Sherlock Holmes!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Halloween you had again this year!!! Your boys are so adorable! You are such an amazing photographer, Kelly. Loved the hat!