Monday, November 24, 2008

Outer Banks Sunset

We headed down to the beach house in the Outer Banks to check in and get everything ready for Thanksgiving. It was a gorgeous drive passing dunes on one side and barns with pine trees on the other. When we arrived the boys immediatly ran not to the sand but to the gravel that lined the drive way :) Armed with shovels and buckets they attempted to make gravel castles. Sams was in heaven as he buried his trains shouting OH NO!!! Every few mins. Liam found the outside shower room and thought that was pretty cool :) After unloading (you would htink we were moving here!) We took a walk down the pier. It was sunset and was gorgeous!!
This last one is the first real picture I have taken with a tripod. The folks on the end were so sweet and let the boys (well Liam pet their adorable dog Bentley).
I am so excited to come down again and spend a nice long weekend with fabulous friends, food and scenery!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I dont know if you ever got my email about the Christmas cards. I wanted to tell you not to worry about making it. We are going to for go the Christmas card thing this year to save some money. Thanks as always! I love the pics..WOW!!!
Natalie Tillmann

Robyn Reynolds said...

These pictures are amazing. Thanks for the info. It's so good to hear that other people let their kids cry for a long time too. It really really makes me feel better.

Janet Crawford said...

Hi Cute Virginia Crawford's- Did you have fun at Outer Banks? I'd love to hear about it. As usual your pictures are incredible, Kelly. The pier picture will win in a contest for sure. What beautiful boys you have (all 3)! We are looking forward to your visit and I already have some boy dressups ready. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!! Love, Jan (Mom)