Monday, November 3, 2008

I heart tweed

I have always loved the scratch itchy fabric and this week I have gone fill tilt into tweed sewing. Today I finished another pair of baby booties this time for my friend Amanda who had a baby girl! They just look like they belonged in the leaves. (I haven't put the Velcro on hence the weird angle of the faux buckle)

I also am making my little sister a hat similar to Liam's! I just feel like this fabric goes so well with this gorgeous season! It seems like girls are being born everywhere lately! My friend Nina had her little girl Olivia today. She got-- what no surprise here some booties. I made her these argyle boots with suede on the bottom because Nina has a flare for shoes. At least I think she does. She is always wearing the coolest shoes.
Then I went for an old classic with the simple blue and yellow in case she needs a break from pink!


Kristin said...

Those are absolutely darling! I hope there's a baby girl in your future...she'll be stylin' for sure!!

Robyn Reynolds said...

Everytime I come to your blog I get more and more excited for Christmas. I love this song.

nrsimone said...

Kelly! We loved the shoes! Thank you Thank you - I am so impressed with your talents - how do you do it in the midst of having two babies! As for Sophia and Olivia looking similar at birth - no! The dark hair was such a surprise this time and we love it!