Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa came!

We had a lovely Christmas spending lots of fun time with both families. We slept at my parents Christmas eve and the kids did a cute pageant of Luke 2. We had yummy sandwiches from one of my fav places Kneeders and the chocolate fountain was runnin full tilt. Because I am a total ditz and didn't have a memory card in my camera I have yet to get the pics off my parents camera. Christmas morning though I was prepared.

The boys had a blast opening their presents and playing with their new treasures.
We then felt like a big breakfast so we headed to Denny's. Yup Christmas morning and we frequented Dennys! :) We all sported our jammies including Claire in her feety jammies.
The boys suffered through the five min car ride to Chris's parents beautifully! They loved playing around with their cousins and we enjoyed the noise, the food and fun that is a party involving 30 some odd people, the majority of which are children.