Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Baby Shower EVER!!!

My wonderful girl friends Leslie, Jordan and Nora threw me the most amazing baby shower ever last week! It all started when I walked in the door and just about fell over upon seeing the decor. There were gorgeous bird cut outs everywhere and these gorgeous tissue balls of various shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful white lights wrapped in pink and green tissue paper added a soft glow and flowers were every where. It was wonderful to have so many wonderful ladies in one room. Especially since MANY of them will be off to new adventures soon!(Sarah D, Me, Olivia)
Then there was the food. Ahhhh the food. Of course I have a plate in my hand in nearly every picture because the food was so darn good! Taco soup, Carmel and chocolate dipped apples, chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels and the most delicious spinach and chicken burritos you have ever tastes. I know, my tummy is grumbling now too. (Leslie and me)
The games were hilarious. Jordan had made a video asking Chris questions about me and motherhood and then everyone had to guess whether our answers matched. It was SOOOOO funny (and somewhat embarrassing on my part). I received beautiful and thoughtful gifts. This amazing party was not without sacrifice though. Poor Nora sliced her finger during the prep and had to go to the emergency room afterwards :(. (Sarah C, Me and Jordan)

(Vanessa, baby Gwyneth, Nora and her bleeding finger)

Thank you to Elizabeth for taking gorgeous pictures so I could simply enjoy! (the bird theme was because that is what I am going to be decorating little Miss's room with and am pretty darn obsessed with right now :))


Chow and Russ said...

i love it! But why the birds and why the tweet? I am hosting my first real baby shower at my house on Saturday and seeing this gave me some confidence and some good ideas! Thanks!

Robyn Reynolds said...

You have some good friends. That looks like a lot of fun.

The Grady's said...


Elizabeth gave me a CD with all of the pictures she took from the evening - I will drop it by sometime soon :)

I am so glad you liked it! I figured that giving the queen of baby showers an awesome shower was the least Nora, Jordan, and I could do!

melonys said...

That shower looked Wonderful! I loved all of the decorations and please send me the menu, I would love to try and make all of those!