Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maternity Pics

Okay so I know this should technically be an Easter post but I haven't gotten around to getting those pics onto the computer yet. As the boys are currently DESTROYING the toy room behind me I thought I would throw on some of the fun pics we took of my friend Heather who is due May 15th! She was a trooper since when we decided to quickly do these it was a whole heck of a lot warmer then when we actually got out and did them. Add to that the fact that she really doesn't like getting her picture taken and I think things turned out okay! Dustin was wary about the hands on the hands on the belly thing, they are with me on the thought that it is always a little weird when I guy sits there and rubs their preggy wife's belly to death. But for a picture I think it is kinda cute. There were these tiny baby lambs in the field behind us and I tried to somehow work them into the pictures but was rather unsuccessful. It was still fun to see them romping around and I am certainly taking the boys to see them if it ever stops raining. Next up some nice preggy pics of me! Well see who I can rope into doing that at Maymont.


Gwen Ann Wilson said...

Oh! I love the one in black n' white :) Nice photos! Thanks for sharing them :) Have a nice day :)
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Anonymous said...

Great pics as usual Kelly! Those boys are just so darn cute- Can't wait to hug and kiss them. grandpa is getting excited about Disney world (me too.) Very exciting news about how well Chris didi in the Foreign Service Testing. How wonderful to feel such answers to prayers. Love, Mom/Jan