Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fischers Fabulous Fire Station Fling

Sam's best bud Fischer turned three last week! As part of his wonderful party we got to go to the Williamsburg Fire station and play with all their trucks! It was amazing. The workers could not have been more patient and fun with the kids. They let them crawl over everything and when I continued to apologize profusely they said "seriously it is not like they can break anything" and for once they really didn't! One of the fire ladies really took to Liam and he followed her all around trying everything out. I think he would make a great Dispatcher guy. Did I hear a niner in there? Or maybe he would be better suited as a driver. Liam and Thomas were the only ones who would try on the fireman's gear. I am thinkin' this is a good look for them both! While we were there an ambulance was dispatched so they had us go outside so we could see it leave and hear the sirens. Do you think Sam was at all excited? (he wouldn't take off the party hat until he was handed a plastic firemans hat, he thought that was a pretty good trade.)My favorite was this old fire truck that they use for parades and Santa Clause rides at Christmas. I don't think Fischer and Sam are having much fun at all! Haaa! They tried to get all the kids to sit with the firemen to take a picture but Sam was having none of that when a seat behind the wheel was available. I really cannot tell you how wonderful these workers were with the kids. I have GOT to remember to send them a thank you note! Then we headed back to Fischer's for his meal of choice, noodles, cheese and carrots. Not to mention amazing garlic bread, ice cream and a Batman cake! Sam repositioned his party hat and I had to get a picture. When we left Chris said "gesh now we are going to have to do something super cool!" I reminded him that we will be at Disney world for Sam's birthday and I think that is pretty cool!