Monday, April 27, 2009

"I would have a passport with a stamp that said ITALY on it"

(betcha Felicity knows where that's from :)) Christopher's parents received there mission call this week! They will be heading to the Catania Italy mission in August. We are sooooo excited for them-- and us-- because heaven knows we are visiting the first chance we get. It is so funny because we always knew they would be going it just seemed like a far off thing and now it is only a few months away! Luckily we have been given the time to get used to only seeing them every now and then, I feel for Chris's sisters it is going to be a tough transition. They are such wonderful people to have around I know they will be sorely missed. I am so grateful to them for setting such a wonderful example for our boys. Now we get to write letters and make packages for THEM on Monday nights! (this is a photo of Catania)


LondonCalling said...

Hey Luce! He looked like he was leaning.

Garity said...

Darn it! I was hyperventalating when I saw your title. Italy would be a sweet post! Well at least they are going to have a great mission!

Nora said...

Hey luce, is dis guy BOTHERING you? (instert thumbs into belt loops here).
i love that movie, and HOLY CRAPOLA! those costumes are HILARIOUS. awesome. totally priceless.