Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamestown, The Beach and Farm Animals

We took the boys down to Jamestown as an excuse to get out of the house on such a glorious afternoon. Sam had so much fun clamoring down the steps and checking out every nook and cranny. He seemed way more into it this time then on previous visits, commenting on bunk beds and armor that must have been for knights. Liam is now adamant that he not be held or hold hands. It makes for lovely walks. (This is a photo of a man on a mission. You should see him swing those hips when he walks)He loved the freedom of being able to roam at a comfortable distance. After a snack we headed over to the beach along the river. Sam wanted me to make him a sand snowman (See Curious George episode 182) and explore the rocks. When I pulled out my camera both boys walked right up and stood there and said cheese. It was a very bizarre moment for me. I am usually running after them pleading with them to look at the camera. My laptop that has photoshop on it is currently out of commission so I could only turn them black and white but I am excited to photoshop them up when I get a chance. They really aren't phenomenal or anything I just can't believe they looked at the camera! I dug Sam a big hole while he was on a beach walk with Chris and it had filled with water by the time he got to it. He took one look and said "A pool!!! Thanks mom!" Who knew a hole could bring such happiness. In the end we took the boys home sopping wet but pretty happy. After nap time we took them to the little petting zoo Yankee Candle was putting on in their parking lot. Of course Sam was thrilled but tentative. He would get all excited and then refuse to pet the animal :) Liam on the other hand had wonderful conversations with both a horse and a sheep. Against our better judgement we let the boys go inside and play with all their awesome toys and watch the train. Although we ended up dragging Sam out screaming we did score some of our favorite Easter bunny ears!Apparently while there Sam had fallen in love with a pair of oven mitts (I had Liam tracking duty) Chris said he was playing forever pretending to take food out of the oven and cook things. So of course as soon as we got home I rummaged through my fabric and whipped out two pairs of oven mitts (just in case Liam showed an interest). I am pretty proud of these babies because I did it without a pattern and they are totally lined and filled with fluff so perchance he gets near a real stove they will provide some protection (not that it would EVER happen). Sam slept with them on his hands that night. That makes a mom feel good! I also noticed that toting my camera around in my diaper bag is not the best thing for it. But I don't want to haul a camera bag where ever I go. Since I already had everything out I made myself a camera snuggie as it were. The inside is lined with soft turquoise fleece so I can still keep it in my bag but there will be no scratches!

I am also in the middle of making a bird mobile for little misses room. I am making my friend Heather one at the same time because she shares my affinity for bird culture (hee hee Elf reference). I thought it would be fun to make one really big one to hang in a separate part of the room and asked Chris to enlarge the pattern for me to the size of a page. He did me one better and came back with a HUGE copy. I think they turned out pretty cute. I keep going back and forth between adding button eyes but when ever I try it out I think they look a little freaky and sort of evil. NOT what you want in a nursery. Sam and Liam have decided they are theirs and play with them often as the mommy and daddy bird. This is furthering Sam's love of birds. He now roams around the back yard calling for "Cassie" his bird friend who flew away. He really has an amazing imagination. This evening we spent most of the night being bugs or birds. My arms are exhausted from "flying" and being scolded for putting my wings away. He also has now taken to talking to my tummy and telling his sister how much he "Wuvs her", demanding to feed her goldfish crackers (which are then stuck into my belly button) and giving her kisses. He also likes yelling at Liam when he jumps on me and says "mind the baby!" I would have no idea where he heard that one.... nine hundred times a day. He is growing impatient to hold her though and keeps asking when she is going to come out so they can play soccer. I think if this little girl is wise she will chill in there where it is safe for as long as possible!


Robyn Reynolds said...

Those pictures are so cute. Your boys are so good looking. I can't wait to see your little missy. I don't know why but I am so excited your having a girl.