Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Hunt

Before it gets to far in the past I thought I should get some of our fun Easter pics up for the far away family. We had a fun get together with friends and everyone brought a brunch item and some eggs for their cuties to hunt. The Daddies went to the huge field behind our house and hid all the eggs. It was great because the grass was just long enough to make it a little challenging. Then off went the kiddos. Sam found a few eggs but then announced that he wanted to go back in the house because his feet were getting wet. WHAT!!! Who's child is this? Liam had fun once he got the concept and enjoyed the few eggs he found, but what he enjoyed more was plopping down and finding the chocolate filled ones. He and Atticus went through their baskets finding the "good ones". This is him saying "come on mom, more Jelly beans?" It was hilarious to watch Samuel Harrison because he would find a few and then systematically chuck them back out of his basket. It made me laugh pretty hard. But not all was lost Nora was able to make this great daisy chain.

Leslie and Stacy lookin lovely Luke (Stacy's little guy) was adorable and ran all over the place until he fell down a few times and decided enough was enough. What do you do you ask if you have no kids but are supportive friends and come anyway? Apparently you make your husband give you a lift. Leslie saying "I'm flying!"
It was fun getting together with so many fun families and again so many awesome women. I am getting panicky about moving and not being surrounded by such fabulous people. (hopefully they will like me despite what looks like ginormous hair in this picture... what is that about. I apparently need to scale back the upside down blow drying).


The Grady's said...

You're going to make me cry, Kelly! I am starting to freak out...and I just keep putting myself in denial mode to keep the tears from flowing!

Robyn Reynolds said...

I love how bright your pictures are. So cute.