Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hurry, push her down!

Abby is sooooo close to walking and I can't believe it. I am seriously freaking out about my baby girl getting so big! It is funny because with Sam I thought "oh my goodness get big enough for us to play and go to the park!" and I am feeling TOTALLY the opposite now. To be honest I have consciously NOT worked on standing with Abby. But now that she is such a crawler she will simply crawl over to a ledge and pull herself up. We've still got two months until she is one and I am hoping she doesn't take her first steps until a little closer to her birthday. Just so I can relish these last few months with out 3 cuties wreaking havoc on the house :)
She has also decided she no longer wants to wear headbands and bracelets. Unless I do a REALLY good job of distracting her the minute I put one on the hands are up and ripping it off. She has broken 5 bracelets now and I have given up for the time being. I know eventually she will WANT to wear them (unless she goes through an ernest tom boy stage like I did).
I just have to include this last one because it cracks me up. She totally looks like she is going to get frisked.
But after falling forward and on her bum a few times:
it is understandable to want to get a good grip on something. She is still a HUGE mommas girl and will NOT let anyone else hold her if I am in the room, which I must admit I LOVE. The first time she went to che che without crying my heart broke a little. (I know totally LAME of me but still).
I see so much a our families in her. She has her Aunt Robyn s huge eyes, her daddies dimples, my dark hair, her aunt Claire's "dinkiness", as we call it. Anyways I just wanted to share some pics of her before Sam's pirate party bonanza!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Wow, she really is growing up! She is so pretty, Kelly. :)

Robyn Reynolds said...

She is so beautiful. I think she looks a lot like you. Ava breaks any jewelry I put on her. It is so sad and forget even trying to put head bands on her. Abby is getting so big. I am sad I am missing it.

Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

She is so adorable! I think those eyes could make anyone's heart melt :)

Jan said...

Oh My Gosh!1 She is standing without anyone helping!!! How can that be? It's the tiny ones that are able to do that. Your children are all so beautiful. Love these shots of her. AARRRGHhh Have fun at the party, Mateys!