Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tribute to Top Gun

The following pictures are totally candid. I did not drive around Dili looking everywhere for the sunglasses or wait for a good overcast day... okay so I totally did. I have been wanting to do some pictures of Liam since I have done so many of Abby and Sam. Liam is hard to photograph. He totally marches to his own drum and does not take direction and couldn't careless what I bribe him with. Then once he got his crazy haircut I figured I had to do some. Sam on the other hand LOVES getting his picture taken so I knew he would want in on the action. We headed out once Chris got home from work. Sam thought he was pretty hot stuff
Liam didn't know how he felt about the sunglasses. It didn't help that Chris pointed out that his undershirt was WAY to small for him :)
I told Sam he needed to show Liam how to look cool. He took his job very seriously
I tried to get some pics of Liam
But he was so apathetic and way more interested in the crowd of locals we had watching
Sam had a blast and of course was cheesin it up. Unfortunately his "picture smile" is NOT a nice natural one :)
At least he smiled though I only got 1 of Liam smiling
I have to show this one a little bigger because of my gosh it is is so Liam. He is totally thinking "Mom this is so lame, seriously, lame."
Of course the minute we were walking back to the house he was clapping his hands and all smiles.
In more hilarious news, this morning the boys found a big stickbug/grasshopper outside our house. One of his legs was broken and they were really upset by it. Sam brought it a leaf to eat and I told them we should leave it alone. We headed inside and Liam quietly went into his room, rooted through his plastic bug collection and found the praying mantis. I watched him run outside and followed him. He laid it done next to the dying bug and said "look mama now he has a friend." Oh my gosh I thought I was going to die of cuteness.
I love that he even laid it upside down like the real bug. In other news we are finally near being unpacked! I was sooo excited to get a few of my kitchen items. Especially the mixing bowls. I received these bowls as an engagement present over 8 years ago. A very sweet neighbor ordered them for me and they were my first introduction to crate and barrel. They at least make having to wash the dish's by hand more aesthetically pleasing :)
To celebrate having good bakeware again, and since Chris was at a Saturday morning breakfast with a bunch of gov't big wigs I decided we should make home made doughnuts. The boys were so excited about the prospect and eager to help
I don't own a biscuit cutter so we had to improvise and used an empty can of corn. Which I totally sliced my finger on cleaning out.
They turned out pretty delicious. NOTHING compared to Duncan, Krispe Kreme etc. but good enough to cut the craving I had for either of those ;) And it was a fun treat to have ready for when daddy came home!
The boys were upset we didn't make more but I was honestly terrified that I was going to start a fire. I have never made anything deep fried like this and even though we have a nice big fire extinguisher right in our kitchen I didn't want to have to use it :) Although I wonder, would our metal walls catch fire or just melt? I hope I don't find out!


Elizabeth Moon said...

I love the pictures and I love the doughnuts! So cute!

The Gardener said...

Oh MY!!! What fabulous pictures! That first one is TOTALLY a Top Gun remake. Love them! How do you decide what goes on your wall???

Jan said...

Love your top guns!! That picture of Liam is so HIM. Sam is certainly getting the hang of "looking cool" fun. It is amazing the experiences you are having. I'm glad you are taking advantage of all the terrific photo shoot ops. And I love your kooky comments- save up for more in Rome!

Olivia Jewell said...

Yum, those look good! I'm impressed with your first attempt. I tried some around New Years and they were just a big ball of greese dough... kinda disgusting. :)
The boys are so darn cute, they just keep getting cuter. Love those pics.
Miss you guys.

Leah Miller said... the glasses!!! Did you get those in the US?Those are great pics.