Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Isn't she lovely

Our friends Lisa and Paul asked to do a family session this week. They are a ridiculously good looking family (Lisa has the coolest freckles) from Sweden so I was very excited. But a little nervous because Paul is also a photographer and it is always nerve wracking shooting other photographers. I asked if it was okay to be a bit more creative since he can get fantastic photos himself. Hopefully they like the out come...
see what I mean about those freckles!

I told Paul to think about their wedding day and his eyes went huge it was hilarious after we banished that thought we got this one:
We got some great ones of the boys and of the family but the sweet internet here in Dili is against me so I only got these 3 to upload.
Lisa is just so gorgeous... I have freckles in all the wrong places. I remember on my wedding day the person who did my make up said "Okay were going to cover all these freckles up right?" Ha!


Leah Miller said...

BEAUTIFUL freckles!!! Beautiful pics. They feel romantic.

Katie said...

Looks like a blast! Can you throw all my kids their parties? What awesome creative ideas!