Friday, June 4, 2010

Its been a long time

But I actually had a photo session... and have 3 more in the next week. Wow when it rains it pours. The other day we had a fun little shoot with Katie and Ana. Katie is in Sam's school and well, I love her. I think it is because she is crazy about me in return. She is always more excited to see me at the end of the day then Sam, so I just can't help but be sucked into her adorableness and give her anything she wants :) Her mom wanted to do some pictures for their Grandma before they head home to London. (There is a mass exodus from the island during winter break, we will be going it practically alone for the next six weeks ahhhhhhhhhhh!). Since they were for a Grandma I ignored my urge to take them to this abandoned church I found and stuck with pictures in my garden, it seemed more Grandma friendly then the shattered glass windows haa!
Ana was adorable and just wandered around picking up Gardenias. She was super mellow and Angela and I couldn't figure it out. Then later that afternoon she crashed with a really high fever and has been sick for days! Poor sweet girl.
Katie on the other hand would be great for a few moments and then something would set off a little bit of a pout. Her mum and I would just turn and focus on Ana and she would come around.
I LOVED this shot because Sam literally laid down on the floor and said "Katie go like this" and she did it and then looked up at him and smiled ha! Who knew all my pesky picture taking of Sam had sunk in and left him a posing coach :) Anyways, it was sooooo nice to get to take some pictures again of children not your own, with a parent as into getting them smile as you! I think I will post more pics on the photog site but that requires good internet and a few moments of down time..... neither of which are plentiful around here :) Yesterday afternoon I was picking up Sam when Chris called and announced that our stuff had been delivered. What the what!!! Every time I forget that Murphy's law dominates my life BAM! Something like this comes back to smack me. Tomorrow is Sam's ridiculously huge birthday party. Chris and I keep teasing that we are warming up so he can be on "My super sweet 16" a show we DESPISE and believe most of the parents should either be punished or at least required to attend a parenting course. The thing is since this is such a small island you either invite only his best closest friends OR you invite EVERYONE so we are expecting close to 80 people. And we now have 200 box's cluttering out entire living room, flowing out onto our deck and into the garage!!! Thank heavens we had planned to hold it outside but if anyone has to use the bathroom they are going to have some mad mountain climbing skills to get to it! Not that I am not grateful that after more than FIVE Months we actually have our stuff, just could the timing be worse? Guess I know what I will be doing ALL next week ha!


The Gardener said...

For a second I thought the 200 boxes were party supplies!

Nice photos. Sounds like you have the next great photographer in training.

Patty Girl said...

I love the pictures! Those are some adorable girls.

I liked your post about Abby too. She has the biggest most beautiful eyes. They're amazing. She is getting so big.

Sorry about the timing of the boxes. Life always works like that doesn't it?

I love reading about your fun life so thanks for blogging! said...

Very Good blog.