Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You'll be strapped in

This week has be INSANE!!! I am still working out the details of which pictures I am allowed post on my personal blog but lets just say I spent most of the week with a four thousand dollar lens (excessive government spending? I think not ha!) on my camera, donning awesome head gear and taking hundreds of pictures of our AMAZING men and women in the military visiting here in Timor, I basically have looked like this:
A large part of my week also included seeing this reflection below me.
(I tried to get my toes in the shot but the lens was as long as my arm and I was soooo afraid I would drop it)
When they told me I would be half hanging out of a helicopter taking pictures I must have turned green because Major Johnson added "Don't worry, you'll be strapped in" oh, well then lets do this thing!!! It was also fathers day on sunday, the same day as the Dili Marathon (lots of pics from that to follow). I asked a group of the wives what they were doing for fathers day and all of them looked a time with panicked expressions "Today is fathers day? Aw crap" was the general response. You really have NO concept of time here since the weather NEVER changes. Chris enjoyed an hour and a half massage and homemade rocky road ice cream on top of Chocolate lava cake yum! When Chris proposed one of the promises he made was to give me an amazing life. Throughout this week it has been hammered into me what an amazing life he has provided for me and the bubs. He worked soooo hard for sooo long. I distinctly remember during law school thinking "Come on when does he get a break, he is such a good guy he deserves a break" Of course as always Heavenly Father knew better then I did and walah massive huge phenomenal break. I mean who gets their dream job at this age right? What I love about this job is that while we get to live abroad it is EXPECTED of us to remain VERY American. Any other time people would think you were an annoying foreigner and not "embracing the culture" if you dressed your kids in Red WHite and Blue for a marathon, talked constantly about how great the states are and shipped in the majority of your food :) Not in the state department, that is all fully supported (and in the case of the mail heavily subsidized). I am rambling. As soon as I am allowed there will be lots of fun pics from this amazing week. There is still two more days and the MTV concert Chris has been organizing so I am trying desperately to pace myself... and spend some time with the chubs a bubs so they don't forget who I am ha!
Okay one last pic I can sneak in I think without getting in trouble:
Cristo Rey


Leah Miller said...

Your life overseas is so interesting! I bet you guys are having fun.

The Gardener said...

For some reason I have the James Bond theme running through my head.

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Jan said...

Kelly, I can't wait to see your shots. So was this great lens just on loan for these pictures? You'll have to tell me what they were actually commisioning you to take pictures for. This will look great on a resume.!!.. Have fun

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