Friday, June 18, 2010

Schools out for Summer

Sammy had his last day of school on Tuesday. Woo hoo! summer, or more accurately, dang it, summer. To celebrate the end of the year there was a musical performance for the whole school at a local reception center. The kids were really excited to see each other outside of school (even if it had only been an hour and a half since they were IN school). Sam's teacher Ms. Naomi tried to entertain the preschoolers while everyone got settled by walking around the garden with them.
Of course Liam HAD to be involved and followed the class on their tour
They were asked to bring a stuffed animal for their performance. Sammy chose his bear. His great Aunt Beverly gave it to him when he was one and he still sleeps with it.
They were very patient and waited quietly for their turn.
even when I had to drag Liam kicking and screaming away from them. Once they got up on stage they sang "Going on a bear hunt" It was hilarious! Sam was so hyper (I can see now why on his end of the year report it said he was wonderful etc etc but needs to learn to not flail when excited ha!)
(Don't you love his friend Salaman's tie and Noah's tiger face paint, ears and tail? We take ourselves VERY seriously here) I am not going to lie it was a LONG evening and rather hard to keep Liam and Abby happy. I was suddenly acutely aware of what it would be like to actually attend church anywhere besides our living room-- wow. When the finale rolled around all the children got up and sang "Thats what friends are for" Sam totally belted it out, I was so impressed.
(Bianca really got into it too, she is two to the right in the black dress and is AWSOME!) Lots of the older kids were crying. Since Timor is a hardship post for just about every organization the stints here are only 2 years so lots of people were saying their final goodbyes. On the last day of school both the morning and afternoon class met for a party. The kids were allowed dress up if they liked and bring their swim trunks. Sam wanted to go as Superman and showed Ms. Naomi how tough he was
Liam tagged a long and of course was Batman
He usually wears the cool, cape hood mask thingy but it impairs his vision to much when actually playing so he took the mask from the Robyn costume instead. All the other kids were intrigued by his built in muscles and he was stopped often so they could look at them
I loved that the boys were all fun super heros and the girls were all princesses. Bianca was Ariel
Katie was Snow White
and Sylvia.... well Sylvia was an awesome pirate with a flowery hat :)
Sam got a kick out of Noah also being superman. Although he had no idea what Noah meant when he kept saying up up and away. We need to find the boys some actual cartoons of these superheros.
Each child was asked to bring something to eat. When Sam brought me the paper with his request it said "Hot Chips" I asked him why he wanted spicey Chips, that he didn't like spicey chips. He said "No mom hot chips." Ms. Naomi had to let me know that these were in fact French Fries. Oh my gosh Sam is picking up local lingo! It is funny because he is also getting a little accent. No not the cute Australian one I had been hoping for, oddly enough he is speaking like someone from Boston. He says Cahh (Car) and Dowah (door) etc. it is really funny. So I brought the "hot chips" and the kids enjoyed the smargasbord of random foods that preschoolers request. Liam tried a fried banana and was NOT a fan, he thought it was a chicken nugget and was not pleased with the surprise.
Thankfully the embassy is putting on an amazing summer camp for those diplomates who's children are still on the island for the next 8 weeks! They have fun days planned like Dino day and Mad scientist day etc. I think if it weren't for that the boys would probably end up having fight clubs in our garage :)