Friday, January 16, 2009

Be Better

Alright so I know I have been horrible about posting lately. This is due LARGLEY in part to my New Years goal for this year. When I sat down to think about what my goals where for this year I noticed that they all had one common theme, they began with being better. I want to be a better mom, be a better wife, be a better friend, be a better cook on and on. So I have decided that my mantra for this year is be better. You may think hmmm well be a better blogger obviously did not make the list and to be totally honest it didn't. While I LOVE having this record and printing it out as a journal I felt awful when Sam and Liam would be playing in our play room and I felt that was my only free moment to blog so instead of joining in with them I jumped on and blogged away. So this year I vowed to be better at the IMPORTANT things and so far I have to tell you I haven't ever been happier. For my family I will be a better wife, mother, sister aunt etc. For my friends I will be there when you need me... sometimes even if you don't ask. For myself I will be a better exerciser, pay attention to warning signs that I need a little me time. I will be a better church member and truly strive to read my scriptures everyday, and by such be a better example to my cuties. Sam yelled at a car the other day to "MOVE!" and it really hit home what a sponge he is. While I would love to follow Elder Uchdorfs wonderful talk and be the best, for right now I am striving towards better.


Nora said...

what a great goal. i totally support you. you are already such a stalwart and fantastic friend, wife, and especially mom. i look up to you in so many ways. love you.