Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

This is weeks late (I am sooo on top of things these days!) but Christopher had his 29th birthday!!! His parents took us out to celebrate to bar none THE nicest restaurant I have ever been too. I am talking I don't know how to read the menu, multiple courses and multiple waiters... yeah I was excited. (thank you mom and dad for watching the boys) It was this gorgeous Italian place in down town Salt Lake called Cucina Toscana. It was AMAZING! Lick your plate clean and die of embarrassment from it good. Okay enough about the restaurant and more about the fabulous person we were celebrating. I told Chris I was glad he was going to turn 30 before me because it sort of eased me into it. He said it didn't bother him at all that he was almost 30. He said that it only bothers people who haven't really done anything with their lives and have regrets. By the time Chris turns thirty he will have served a full time mission, been married in the temple, a war veteran, a daddy of 3 (maybe), have a law degree and hopefully be working at a job he loves. I guess when you think about it that way there really is nothing to do but celebrate the wonderful life he has lived thus far. I am SURE even more amazing things are yet to happen! So, happy birthday Chris I could not be happier that you were born and raised to be such a wonderful man!

PS Funny side story. When we went to Cedar to visit Bodily, Chris ended up laughing so hard at one of Bodily's jokes that he passed out and hit his head... yeah now that is what it means to have a good time with an old friend!


Gratitude said...

~You guys looks so cute and super happy together (of course with the 2 cuties too:)~
And Happy Birthday to Chris!
Myself as well, will turn 30 this year and couldn't be more excited..
i love the part when he said "it only bothers people who haven't really done anything with their lives and have regrets"..
totally true:)
Also, i would like to thank you so much for replying with my message,that was really really sweet of you...
and for giving me great advices,
with camera,life and motherhood.
You are just simply amazing in every way....:)