Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taste In Music

I am a BIG fan of music. That sounds really silly (I think most people are fans of music). But I LOVE a good song. Now the definition of that changes per scenario, what mood I am in, are the boys with me, am I working out etc. If I had to make a play list people would probably think I am schizophrenic. My boys however have a specific music it seems they love -- Girl power songs. Over Christmas break Sam would beg to hear Mariah Carrey's "All I want for Christmas" over and over and over. Liam would freak out and do crazy awesome moves to it while Sam yelled "Dance Bro Bro Dance!!" (Sam encourages everyone to dance, including my parents very very old Bulldog Wally) We even put on a show Christmas eve for the family (thanks to the Adams' for making a holiday CD with it on it!) Since the holidays are over we needed to find a replacement song, apparently that replacement song is Single Ladies by Beyonce. They are CRAZY about this song. Unfortunately I don't have her most recent CD (Meet Sasha Fierce-- I think) so we just get lucky every now and then and hear it in the car and then wow does our car go nuts! If I don't at least make some attempt to wave my arms or something Sam yells "Dance mom dance!" I am sure people next to us think I am crazy. I tried putting it on once with the U Tube video but decided it was FAR to risque for my little boys--- well most people that is. So it is up to fate to play it on the radio while running errands. Hope your car rides are as hoppin!


Gratitude said...

this is so funny! my son loves that song disturbia (rihanna),
he's crazy about it actually!

i'd like to ask you something about really a serious matter, potty-training, i have read too many about it, but i think the best advice really come from a great mom like you who maybe have been dealt with it,and i really appreciate any help that i could possibly get.

any advice? please?

please take this one as a compliment, i really really adores you, admire you in so many ways.
I maybe be sounded like a copy-cat but I read and check your blog every time, because I always learn and get a lot of brilliant ideas from it. My son is pretty close to Liam's age, and I actually use your blog to create an activity for my son.Like when you did the painting, even sometimes the outfits. just the idea though.

I am really jealous, because I don't drive and I really feel bad, because I want to take my son to places like you know, but I can't.
I am trying to get some help, but all my friends are too busy. So I am just trying to create something for him even we are staying at home.

My hubby works like crazy, and he is not a big fan of you know "family-time"...he works even on weekends too. And I just want simple activity like places that we can take him so he can run and bounce all he wants.

anywayz, i don't want to bored you with my letter, i just feel sad sometimes. that is why, I'd like to THANK YOU, because you help me find a way to deal with this and not to feel too bad about it.


I love your outfit in your recent blog. You look so beautiful.And the kids..just soooo gorgeous!