Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick one-- Shopping High

Our latest Enrichment was on couponing. I had been riveted to the Oprah about this process but it never explained how to do it. Well a lovely sister in our ward took the evening to explain it. I went with a horrible attitude "um I have no time to do this and hate the idea of marching around with a fist full of coupons". I left determined to give it a month and see how it goes. Well I took my first trip last night and this is what I left the grocery store with after paying $1.19!!!! Haaa I was on such a high. Chris laughed and demanded to see the receipt which I have proudly displayed on the fridge. Apparently it can be done. We both were non believers but I think it's not to shabby for a first trip! Here is what I got:

8 jars of Peanut butter
4 packages of Pop tarts
4 packages of frozen veggies (the good steamer kind)
8 Yoplait plus yogurts
2 Packages of Excedrin
1 bottle of wishbone Ranch dressing
In all honesty I could have gotten double of everything but was a little gun shy to walk up there my first time with that many coupons. The lady was really great though and proudly showed the other cashiers what she had rung up. ANYWAY I don't intend to post about this everytime or anything I was just excited for the first trip.


Sherry said...

Way to go chica!

Luv Ya~


Annie Jane said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Come to Nevada and do an enrichment for us will you? I currently feel the same way you used to about coupons. I could use those tips!

Sarah said...

How did you do it??