Thursday, January 22, 2009

DC Zoo

Two days after we returned from UT we decided it was high time we go on vacation.. again. We headed up to DC to meet our awesome friends the Tillmanns for the weekend (Wes had a dental conference he was attending). We hung out at our hotel swimming and letting Sam and Lucy play (they LOVE each other woo hoo!) On sat. we headed to the DC zoo. I love this zoo because of its cost (free) and the fact that it has Pandas! because it was frigged most of the animals were inside which worked out well because the kids got to see them close up. This panda was scarfin down on some bamboo. Sam and Lucy had a great time talking about the animals to each other. Most of the time they were in the stroller Sam had his arm around Lucy because she had told him it was "cary" and he apparently wanted to protect her. Reese was a champ and stayed nice and warm in his snow suit. Liam wanted to run EVERYWHERE and NOT hold hands. I got to see one of my favorite animals the Pygmy hippo. How cute is he!! The elephant was hyper which the kids loved. (I usually don't like taking pictures of just animals, you kind find much better ones of an elephant out there.) It was a blast and Sam cried on the way home saying he "needed his Lucy!"