Sunday, January 4, 2009

St. George and good Ole' Cedar

Christopher and I hadn't visited our good ole stompin ground of Cedar City for a LONG time and we felt it was high time we headed back. We decided it would be fun to take my little sister Claire and her best friend Annie on a tour of SUU as they are currently filling out applications to colleges. Christ was also very excited to visit one of his best and longest friends Chris Bodily or as we ALWAYS call him Bods. We had a blast taking the girls around campus. Then Claire Annie and Sam and I (Liam spent the night with Chris's parents-- the LONGEST I have ever spent away from one of my cuties!!!!) headed down to the SWEET hotel my parents got for us. The girls swam in the pool while Sam and I hung out in the hot tub! We figured by 8:30 PM IN N Out should be dead... oh wait nope the line was out the door. Sam had fun with his giant train he brought from Grandmas house and only threw a few massive fits. While dragging him to the bathroom after one I them I think a few people were more than worried that he wouldn't come back out :) That is what happens when you throw off a two year olds nap schedule.
Claire and Annie enjoyed the meal in their feety jammies which got a lot of funny looks :)
Although I think they are still pretty set on the Y I think Chris and Bods did a good job presenting their alma mater!


Jaci said...

Wow Bodily hasn't changed a BIT! Sounds like you guys had fun! It was great to see you again!