Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Kid Could Paint That

Chris and I really enjoy documentaries. This weekend while the boys were taking their afternoon nap we watched "My Kid Could Paint That". It was one I had been excited to watch for a while. It is basically a commentary on modern art and follows a year in the life of a four year old who becomes famous over night for being an abstract artist. It was SOOOOO interesting and full of controversy (whether her Dad helped her, 20-20 sabotaging her career etc.) Although she was four when she started, the movie inspired Chris and I to see what our boys could do. We started them out in their high chairs but found them to restricting for art and moved to the kitchen floor. (I love this photo because when paired with the bump on his head it looks like Liam has completely lost it.) We rolled out a huge sheet of paper and let them go to town. Sam had fun painting his "feets" and then stepping on the paper. He then showed Liam how to swim in the water he had painted. In the end it was a far cry from what the little girl did (she worked in oils on canvas, my boys in extremely washable water color on Ikea paper) but they had sooooo much fun! The finished product hung in our hall way for a while. I thought about selling it to the Met but the boys tore it down after a few days.


Nora said...

i seriously was cracking up out loud at that 'lost it' picture of liam. thanks for sharing. i love the finished product!!

LondonCalling said...

Don't you wish we were all so free we could run around in diapers and eat paint! Mom was dying laughing, she wishes she had allowed us do things like that.