Friday, January 16, 2009

Dino Museum

While in Utah my mom and Sister Felicity and I took the boys to the largest Dino museum in the world!! It is right there at Thanksgiving Point. I had never been and am happy to say I will be returning (although it is a bit pricey). Sam was all gun ho at first but was a little shy about going "back in time" through this amazingly dark tunnel lit with pin hole lights. They LOVED staring up at the huge fossils and being able to touch a lot of artifacts. As always Liam immediately made a friend: I think their favorite (and definitely mine) was this freakishly huge turtle that was unearthed in South Dakota. This thing was 16 feet flipper to flipper! Sam calls turtles Turows which made it even more fun. I also liked the Super Saurous which is the largest dino ever discovered. Seriously could you imagine this thing running at you!!Liam is the size of one of its toes :) towards the end there was a huge shark (I still have no idea why) and Liam tried so hard to climb over the barrier and into it's mouth. While Lemers did that Sam gawked at the wholly mammoth and when I asked him what noise he thought that animal made he trumpeted his huge elephant sound. In the middle of the museum they had this amazing water and sand room that was filled with toy dinos and trees etc. for the kids to play with in the water and sand. You had to crawl through a tunnel to get to the raised portion for kids so it really was strictly a little kid thing. The boys had fun burring their dinos and then giving them baths. At the end of the museum are three large pits filled with fossils covered in sand. The boys hopped right it and began unearthing them with their paint brush's. Liam apparently likes the taste of wood! We enjoyed lunch in the Dino Cafe then I took the boys through one more time letting my mom and Felicity actually relax and enjoy their meal and frankly making sure we got our money's worth :)


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