Thursday, January 14, 2010

Abby is going to be a hippie

East Timor is a REALLY small island. It is smaller then the state of Conneticut. Chris and I want to make sure we are good representatives of the US while there. We had been talking about how much trash just our little family makes and how you could fill a land fill with the amount of diapers. When you couple that with the LONG amount of time it takes for things to get to us (2-4 weeks on average) and the cost of buying and shipping diapers we came to the decision that Abby would be a cloth diaper baby. Yes I know shrieks of terror ripple through the crowd. Luckily we will have a full time house keeper to do the laundry. I already see a pay raise in her future. (What is sad is I really don't know if I would do it other wise...) Christopher mentioned this to his friend Jean who was amazing and gave us all of her cloth diapers! These puppies are quality and thus very expensive and you need ALOT of them unless you want to be doing Laundry every minute of the day. Before Jean made her generous offer I had been doing a lot of research and decided I wanted to go with G Diapers. I liked that they had flushable inserts OR cloth. PLus hello the diaper covers are ADORABLE! I wanted to take them for a trial run before buying a bunch (and I wanted to see what I was in for when we got to Dili) so Abby sported one tonight when we headed to Ikea.
Wow these things were amazing! Not to get into the nitty gritty but there was no way her normal Huggies could have held what this one did! Now I am not going all out until we leave (not having a washer dryer IN your apt makes for a lot more work) but I was very pleasantly surprised and actually pretty excited to make the switch. On a related note Liam will be potty trained the minute we get there.. Brazilian style. Our poor neighbors haaa!
In keeping with the saving on shipping etc. I will be making all of Abby's baby food! FRuits and veggies are EASY and cheap, and on the plus side they can't afford pesticides or growth hormones so very organic. Yup she will be a cloth diaper wearing, organic eatin baby. Only the best for princess Abby (soon to be known as princess conseoulo banana hammock... for all those Friends watchers!)


HG said...

Just call me "Crap Bag." :)

Katie said...

How cute! We do cloth and I have tons of different kinds if you want to check them out before you leave.

nora ballantyne harrison said...

awesome:) love the hippy in every child, kell. i was a total flower child until, well, i guess i still you, love you.

Robyn Reynolds said...

That actually sounds cool. Way to be so eco friendly. And of course Jeff and I LOVE the friends shout out.