Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Craft Day

We headed over to the Moon home for my last chance to soak up all of Elizabeths creativity before leaving. The boys had sooo much fun playing. It was great to see them actually playing WITH each other, not just parallel play. Elizabeth and I talked and talked and talked... and then I sewed and she hot glued... and then we had to take some pictures. Elizabeth made Abby this adorable dress, so when we showed up and Gwyn was wearing hers we had to take some pictures. Of course we couldn't just plop them down and take pics though. We had to showcase Elizabeths table top decor for her Enrichment tomorrow night and her awesome green wall. Abby still can't really sit up so unfortunately my hand is in most of them.
When I tried to let go she would flail. So I tried hiding behind for a few :)
Aren't these girls so stinkin cute! I love these dresses. Elizabeth and I have made both our girls tons of them and talked about how we just never get sick of them.
The girls loved looking at the little sticks and dots.
Sam liked picking out the colored dots and hanging them to Elizabeth to glue on the trees. Aren't they a cute table top decoration! When it was time to leave I literally started feeling ill. This was the first real hit home that we were leaving (You would think that all of our stuff being gone would have been but no). I had to keep telling myself to breathe and not to freak out Luckily we will see them again Wednesday night, otherwise I think I would have COMPLETELY lost it. It means a lot to have someone who you can relate to on so many levels. I am so going to miss it. Having someone to bounce my crazy ideas off of an laugh about craziness during law school. Thank heavens the moons have been in DC. And ya'll better be here when we get back!


Olivia Jewell said...

Cute pics. I haven't checked blogs in forever---- your hair is soo long and you look amazing, I don't believe that you had a baby a few months ago.
Liam is getting so big, it's weird that he changed so much that quickly.
And Abby is beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys.
Please keep in touch.

LondonCalling said...

I am crying and going to miss you and I am saving up!

Cady said...

those dresses are darling! i love the turquoise and brown leggings too! what crafty centerpieces also, love them. miss you already...