Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of fun dinners!

I am way behind in my goings on at the Crawford house posts. Unfortunately this morning is our pack out so I am freaking out and pretty stressed. They take my computer soon so I thought I would put up these few pictures from dinners out. Chris and I have been horrible about eating at home since we kept wanting to fit in "one last time" at all our fav restaurants. Luckily we have great friends who are willing to join us. We went to the famed Sweet Water with our great friends Khanyi and Jake. They are headed to Mozambique this summer and we have loved getting to know them. Every Sunday Khanyi looks like she walked straight out of a magazine, I LOVE checking out her accessories. Khanyi and I have such similar personalities and Jake and Chris are such wonderfully kind mellow guys. We had so much fun trying to down the HUGE portion sizes they gave us.
We met up with Jean and her family. Jean and Chris have been going through this whole state department process since they met in the study groups for the entrance exam. She has been such a wonderful resource and so generous. Not only did she give me all her cloth diapers but all their Scuba gear for the next two years! (She won't need it in Nepal, I told her I wish I had a sherpa to lend her).
They suggested meeting up at a pizza place called Lost Dog Cafe. It was so yummy! And the kids had a blast!
I was able to have a wonderful goodbye dinner with my girlie friends from Williamsburg. I am so going to miss these lovely ladies
And of course there have been countless "picnics" and mid afternoon snacks with these crazies...
Do you like Abby's electric yellow tights haaa!
Well goodbye imac, I will miss you!


The Grady's said...

we miss you guys already!

Cady said...

I have a pic of the goodbye dinner at Panera I'll need to send you. Hope your day went ok and that you are at a movie relaxing right now!