Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Scarlet Letter of Preshool

Crew Cuts Dress Shirt-- $25 dollars
Grey Sweater from the GAP-- $30 dollars
Yellow sweat pants that announce to the world that you peed your pants at school-- priceless.
Today when we picked Sam up from school he was not wearing his brand new jeans that we originally put him in. Instead he was sporting these bright yellow sweat pants. I was mortified. He had apparently had an accident (something that has NEVER happened anywhere but school) and I had forgotten to put an extra outfit back in his little satchel after the break. I asked what in the world happened and he told me he "peed ALOT when he woke up from nap". My first thought was "huh you really nap? That's why you will never nap for me on school days" and second "Your poor teachers." While I was absolutely horrified that he had to wear these yellow pants (irony in the color choice at all?) a virtual scarlet letter for preschool, it didn't seem to phase him one bit. He is actually still wearing them while I write this. I am so glad he is not at the point where kids know to tease about "accidents" and that Sam has such a resilient personality :)
When the Moons come over
I love when Elizabeth comes over. It means something creative is about to go down. Yesterday I showed her how to make these cool headbands. Of course I didn't grab a picture of the finished project because that would be way to on top of things, maybe she will post one :) While we crafted away the kids played away. The boys pretended to be knights
Good ole lightsabers!
While Gwyn played with something else-- the toilet.
Its okay we keep our apartment insanely warm and she has yet to develop that pesky sense of modesty ;)
My Yellow Shoes-- Well to be exact, Felicity's Yellow Shoes that I Absconded With the Last Time I Visited
I love yellow shoes. Since I have a thing about forking out money for cute shoes I generally just wait until my fashion savvy older sister gets sick of her shoes then hoard her cast offs. I have been coveting these shoes for about a year. While there for a photo shoot shoot I asked to borrow them. She said she never wears them so sure. I decided to interpret this as "and you can keep them forever." I figured I should probably come clean though in case she thinks she is loosing her mind and misplaced her shoes. So, Felicity, I stole your shoes. I fell much better.
When I took this picture Sam asked me to take a picture of his feet too! So here it is:
Now I must end this post because Abby just exploded on the brand new jcrew pants I just got in the mail... I don't know why I even try?


LondonCalling said...

You stole my shoes?!! Ha Ha, I knew you were going to take them. I get the Uggs next week should I bother sending them to you- would you wear Uggs in E. Timor? Mine now have a GIANT hole in the toe- so sad. Oh, and I got a B+ on the E. Timor paper- not bad for 25 pages in three days. What? I don't procrastinate!

LondonCalling said...

Oh and BTW- Sam has your thumb toe!!!!

Sherry said...

Kelly..put on the yellow sweats...they seem to be the body fluid pants....LOL

Robyn Reynolds said...

I love your yellow shoes. Felicity always has the cutest shoes!