Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Doo Day Uncle Ris!

That is what our Nephew Cooper said to Chris a few years back and I will NEVER forget it. He is sooo stinkin cute, even now when he is "all grown up". It was Christopher's 30th birthday on December 29th! Wow. I cannot believe he is 30. I think it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be because we talked about it a lot previously. We talked about how much Christopher had already accomplished in his life and he was only 30, (this list is not in order of importance!)
1. Served an honorable 2 year mission
2. Graduated from College
3. Married in the temple to a gorgeous girl (That would be me he has no other wife!)
4. Had 3 gorgeous Children
5. Become a Lawyer
6. Traveled the world
7. A war veteran
8. Landed his dream job
I mean seriously that is not too shabby! I am so proud of you Chris and sooooo grateful to your parents for raising you to be the wonderful man, father, all around fabulous person you are!
Alright now to the nitty gritty. I wanted it to be an awesome birthday so I hired a babysitter and we head to Founding Farmers for lunch. We were worried at first because they had a very small drink selection. I thought great this is one of those pretentious little places that has no refills and is drowning in its own self importance. Boy was I wrong. Chris and I couldn't decided if it was THE best meal we have ever had or tied for the dinner at the Italian restaurant his parents took us to. In any event it was AMAZING!!!
This is the only picture I got at the restaurant. I was to busy making a pig of myself scarfing down my pot pie. After a super yummy meal I told chris we were headed to the Newseum. He has wanted to go there for some time but it is expensive and not the type of place you go with three cuties in toe. So we headed over and drove around for about 15 minutes looking for parking. It was FREEZING cold that day and we were not about to walk 10 blocks so unfortunately we packed it in and headed home. It was great because as soon as we got home the boys were ready for naps so we spent a nice relaxing afternoon! That evening we went as a family to Elevation burger- super yummers and then home for cake.
This cake was special. It was from Buzz's my favorite cupcake place. I had asked them to make Chris's fav chocolate on chocolate with blue polka dots. It turned out soooo cute. Unfortunately they told me that they couldn't write on it but when I got there the girl said she totally could so I asked her to write Happy Birthday Daddy. She did-- in RED frosting!! What the what? SInce when did RED go well with brown and blue?
Good thing Chris really couldn't care less.
We ate it with some yummy vanilla bean ice cream and for the second time in one day I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
Three layers of choclatey goodness. The boys really loved the cake too.
Look at the knot on Liam's head in this picture. He ran full force into a heavy table at Elevation Burger. He is going to be the death of me.
Can't you just hear Liam saying Cheese!!! When you look at this picture:
Abby decided she was tired of missing out on the fun and tried to help herself.
To cap the night off we had ANOTHER babysitter after the cuties went to bed and went and saw Sherlock Homes completely ALONE. It was fabulous. I hope enjoyed it as much as I did!


Heidi said...

the secret to fat babies is that I feed her when ever she wants or if she cries. I suck. oh and I have really really fatty breast milk. When I pump and give them a bottle there is a greasy film left in it, not to mention a creamy layer of butter on the top. That helps in making fat babies too.

Cady said...

What a fantastic day for a fantastic guy! Founding Farmers sounds divine and that cake looks like it is from heaven (minus the red writing, of course). You guys make me smile:)

Robyn Reynolds said...

Happy birthday Chris! Ava runs into EVERYTHING just like Liam. Honestly right now she has two bruises on her forehead and a black eye. Crazy kids.

Jan said...

I love the picture of Chris and the boys at the table. I can just hear them "I will smile real pretty just hurry and cut this cake cause it looks so delish".