Monday, January 25, 2010

Only three days!

We will only be in the states for three more days!! And today is already 1/4 over-- WOAH! This weekend was VERY crazy. Friday the movers came and from 9 am until 4:30 pm packed us up with Abby and I supervising. Chris was good enough to take the boys for the whole day. They rode the metro, played at Monkey Business and had nice long naps in the car. When they got home they were a little weirded out by the fact that ALL their toys were gone but we had prepared them for it saying we were shipping them to the beach house. Now they just want to go to the beach house themselves! We had a blast of a last Friday night though thanks to our wonderful babysitter Rebecca, I really want to pack her into a suitcase and bring her with us. We headed to Chimas, a Brazilian steak house for dinner. It was AMAZING. After gorging ourselves on meat and bread we headed to see the Blind side with our good friends the Nielsen's. We keep talking to them about joining the Foreign Service and I think we are winning them over ;) The movie was wonderfully uplifting and exactly what I was looking for in a movie. After, we had digested enough to enjoy yummy cold stone. Ice cream is very expensive and not readily available in East Timor so we have to take advantage of it while we can! Saturday was a running last minute errands day. Lets just say I spent 2 and a half blissfull hours at Target until they kicked me out at 11pm. I totally forgot my phone though and felt awful when I got home and Chris was looking up phone numbers trying to make sure I was okay.... whoops. At least now we are stocked for the INSANE plane ride! Sunday morning was awesome. It was my turn to repay Elizabeth for our fabulous family pictures. I had so much fun taking them! We were worried at first because it was raining pretty hard. Luckily I thought of a place by our house that has a cool bike/ running trail that goes through a tunnel I thought would make a urban chic background.
I know I am bias because I took them and Elizabeth is one of my closest friends, but HELLO how cute are they!
Elizabeth did such a good job of putting together such awesome outfits. She and Bandon looked like they should be in a clothing add:
Gwyneth was so adorable! I felt awful making her be out in the cold since she had been so sick earlier in the weekend... its all for the pictures though right?
Poor Atticus was so cold. Elizabeth was so prepared with hand warmers and everything, it was just so cold. What a trooper
Elizabeth and Brandon pretended to beat each other up to coax out these cute smiles, you gotta do what you gotta do!
I hope you like them as much as I do Elizabeth! What do you think same deal in two years?


Elizabeth Moon said...

Hey I've got two years to get ready for the next one! They will be EPIC!!!
I love them and you are the BEST!