Monday, January 18, 2010

This is what happens when your wife is a photographer

You are forced to take family pictures multiple times a year... not just for christmas cards! With our departure immenant I thought this would be the last time for a while that we could have a pro do our pictures. So when Elizabeth asked me to do her family pictures for real. I said I would if she did ours for real ( no both families on one day thing again... big mistake on my part.) I went to work getting the exact outfits I wanted, in the process making Liam a bow tie and Abby a headband. We did them less than 3 hours ago and I have already gone through and edited a ton of them. Elizabeth was kind enough to come back to the apt and let me put them right on my computer. Which works perfect because then she doesn't have to spend hours editing and I can spend hours making every single blemish on our faces disappear...okay so I couldn't get Liam's black eye to go away. When I tried it just looked weirder. (yup Liam fell off our bed last night and slammed into the corner of the frame-- it was scary-- but not surprising). So here is the thing, I LOVE these pictures and if you read my blog you will now be subjected to a huge amount of family vanity because I think they turned out pretty darn cute. I have to ask your opinion though. I have an action that I love that is called "honey" (Nicole and Leah you know the one wink wink). I think it is amazing and love what it does to my pictures but I know it isn't for everyone. So each of the pictures has the regular version and the honey version. Which do you like better?
Sammy looking studily even though he is wearing a 2T dress shirt. I just couldn't bring myself to buy him a new white dress shirt when we won't be attending organized church for two years.
There were sooo many good ones of Sam. He is quite the little model. It helped that I bribed him with everything under the son. Including letting Atticus (Elizabeths darling little boy) coming in our car on the way home (with out asking his mother haa!)
Here is Liam in all his black eyed glory
I tried to fix it a little on this one but it just made him look like he was wearing eyeshadow.. .its really not THAT noticeable and it is SOOOO Liam so I kind like having it ;) (thats the bow tie I made)
He really liked the Little chair and backing up into it haa!
This one is actually a candid cropped from a bigger group picture. Because of that I wouldn't really ever use it but how cute is that face?
The men in my life
The main man in my life
Abby had a REALLY hard time. It was warmer than usual here but still cold. And she was so tired.. but still cute!
We tried so hard to get her to look up because that was exactly the shot I wanted but she wouldn't. It's still pretty cute!
Look at this tongue I think it is hilarious!
Me and my girl! I love that I can say that!
from another angle
And now the adorable family ones!!!
another cute one
So there you have it. I LOVE them. Thank you so much Elizabeth we had so much fun! Thank you Brandon for holding the reflector and working those muscles and holding a screaming Abby. Thanks Atticus and Gwyn for keeping the boys so entertained. We are going to miss you so much it makes me cry!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Yay! I love them!

Z. Marie said...

It's hard to know for sure because everyone's screens are calibrated differently, but from what I can see, I prefer the non-honey'd version every time.

nora ballantyne harrison said...

i agree with z. marie:) i love how that rhymes. and i absolutely ADORE the pictures. kelly, you look more gorgeous every day, and the outfits you put together are postively divine. elizabeth, wonderful technique, positioning, and you captured everyone's personality so beautifully.

Leah Miller said...

CUTE!! I prefer the honey picture, but you know me...I love honey!

Gratitude said...

AAhhhhhhhh--mazing!All of them!

Jan said...

Adorable family. Loved all of them- honeyed ones look washed out to me. Prefer the fresh colors. They are wonderful!!!

The Grady's said...

these are so beautiful!!! I prefer the non-honeyed pictures, but they are gorgeous either way! Seriously, Kelly, I second Nora - you look amazing in these! So beautiful! Liam and Sam are so grown up and Abby is such a doll!

Mama mia said...

I love them. You guys are going to be so missed!!!! I prefer the non-honey'd version also. :) You look great Kelly!! And the kids are so adorable. I loved the pic of you and your man in front of the tree that had someone's initials. Were they yours?

Brett and Emily said...

I LOVE the pictures! You have such a darling family!