Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're going backwards....

Woo hoo its a new year! We had a BLAST of a New Years Eve which I have to say is pretty rare when you are married with 3 children. I mean really how often does EVERYONE love their New Years eve? We owe our awesome night to the Moon family. Elizabeth and Brandon were kind enough to host us at their home even though they had JUST flown in from their vaca in Chicago. Elizabeth had their home decked out in the cutest decorations inspired from our beloved Anthropologie. Cute little individual cards hung on strings and draped along the table.
We we drank sparkling apple cider from goblets, ate treats from crystal dishes, and had salad with homemade vinegrette... it was like we didn't have children :)
The kiddos had their own special little table and chairs complete with a table cloth! After eating yummy pizza we let the kids play with the fun party favors we brought, in an attempt to make up for the fact I had promised Sam sparklers but then didn't deliver (who knew they were illegal in the district?) They all got a pair of star glasses which they thought were super cool... for two minutes
{The Three Crazy Boys}
{Super Star Sam}
{Abbers Glammed Out}
Atticus thought his mom deserved a little star power and brought her Gwyn's
The girls had some much needed girlfriend time.
{Gwyn could not believe it when Abby told her she was moving so far away}
How cute is Atticus! I had actually thought about doing a whole post in black and white.. so clean and classic.Then today I hoped on the Moons blog and all the pictures of Elizabeths most recent post were in BW. I started laughing, I am telling you great minds think alike :)
We then broke out the poppers which were way better then I thought they would be. The boys liked them at first but then my cuties got a little scared of the sudden popping. Elizabeth caught a great photo here.
Then we let them go out in the hall and throw poppers around on the ground. Sam and Liam thought this was great! We showed them how you could snap them in your fingers and stop on some of them on the ground.
Liam was terrified and ran inside. (You can see him in the above picture totting around the Forrero Roche he was begging for)
Gwyn was mildly entertained.
So here is the thing, Gwyneth is ADORABLE!!! I couldn't help but take pictures of her the whole time.
Luckily her mom is also a photographer so she is totally used to it.
She is hilarious and does this AHHHH face. No noise, just the face.
I love it! We let the kids play and we chatted the evening away. Finally around 10:30pm the kids starting falling apart and we headed home. We weren't even 10 mins away and I looked back and saw this:
IMG_0797smallNothing shows you had a rockin evening quite like two zonked kiddos!
We got the cuties to bed and I enjoyed the last of my guilty pleasures. My New Years resolutions are simple and as follows:
1. No carbonation: I am absolutely drinking ALL my calories
2. No chocolate until we get to Dili, where it will be to expensive to buy :)
3. No more ponytails. I wear my hair in a ponytail basically EVERYDAY. I decided this a few days ago and have been really good about only putting it up in the morning and night time. It is sad because I have never received as many compliments on my hair as I have the last few days. Was it really that bad before-- the answer is YES.


Elizabeth Moon said...

What an awesome post! These pictures are so cute! What a fun night!

Anonymous said...

What a fun New Years Eve Kelly and Chris. Such creative hanging "art". Your photos are great. Poor Liam- I would have stayed in the house with him away from all the noise. Brave Sam! So no carbonation and no chocolate for a while- you are my hero. Thanks for sharing, it was great. Love, Jan