Friday, January 15, 2010

Relaxin' all cool

Abby loves to play with her toes. She will sit there for a long time shoving them in her mouth and rolling around. It is so crazy to see how flexible she is!
She also has crazy long eye lash's:
I hope they stay that way!
Apparently when Liam wants to chill out he climbs up onto the dinning room chair and zonks.
This was on a day when he hadn't had a nap and I couldn't find him after dinner. I guess it is a good thing he can sleep anywhere!


Cady said...

love that bright eyed pic of abbers and that is crazy that leemers can just fall asleep like that!

Patty Girl said...

That is an awesome picture of Liam!

I liked your post about cloth diapers. They are really cute and way more functional these days. I can't believe someone gave you all of theirs, that was a major score!