Sunday, April 4, 2010

1,000 easter eggs equals a lot of fun!

Our wonderful CLO Jodi, planned an amazing Easter Egg hunt for the Embassy families and "friends" of the Embassy. If you were American, or invited by an American, you were able to participate in a 1,000 egg, Easter egg hunt at the Ambassadors residence. This was the first time I had been in the residence and it was amazing. Because of security we don't want to post to many pictures but the boys loved the "tunnels" that the Ambassador had in his "castle":
The children were gathered together to listen to Ms. Meriella read some Easter books and to discuss hunt etiquette. We had read a few books the previous evening and talked with the boys about sharing eggs and making sure everyone has fun. Not that it would be a problem with under 20 children and 1K eggs, but it is a good lesson to learn.
Abby was pretty overwhelmed but listen intently to the rules, just in case she decided today was the day to crawl.
Sam wanted to wear the bunny ears he had made at school this week. I thought they were soooo cute!
The younger children were directed to a special area where the eggs were more out in the open. Of course Liam found three or so eggs and was content to sit down and figure out how to open them.
I loved all the Timorese basket the children used as Easter Baskets. I had just bought Sam and Liam ones from a village down the coast from Dili. (Pictures forth coming of course!) Or you used whatever you happen to have at your house that would hold eggs, Noah used a small laundy basket:
Carmen used the cool baskets they made at preschool that week:
That is one of the things I LOVE about living here. Everyone uses whatever is available and nothing is wasted. This was far and away my most relaxing and easy going Easter ever because of this wonderful island living attitude.
Abby found a few eggs that she enjoyed shaking.
Then we were shown to the Ambassadors garden with the older children for afternoon tea and to find more hidden eggs. The cuties had fun opening all the eggs and finding out what was inside. Jody had purchased them from a company that employees solely those with disabilities, which I thought was wonderful to seek out and support. Mace, Noah and Roman are my friend Krista's three boys. They are all SUPER close in age just like Sam and Liam so we have a lot of fun together. Roman plopped right down next to us to open all his eggs... a dangerous thing to do to a photographer
He was pretty excited about the TINY spaceship he found in one of his eggs.
Noah was hilarious and would act shocked each time he opened an egg.
He is SUCH a funny guy. When we are at school the other day talking to the kids about bringing in food and clothes for the local orphanage. His response (in his cute Kiwi accent): "You mean their nudy rudi and starvin marvin ALL the time?"
I think all the commotion was a little much for Mace. He laid down on the floor and cried for a while.
But perked up when the ambassadors wife brought around huge chocolate eggs. (His eyes are soooo crazy blue they look almost purple.) I like that photo in black and white but just to show you his crazy gorgeous eyes:
Carmen (the adorable little girl with the great accent) arranged hers all according to color and then opened them. My kind of girl, gotta love organization.
This little guy is a twin...
not identical though his twin brother has blonde hair and blue eyes! His mom is from Sweden and his dad Rwanda. Isn't that so cool! Katie is also in Sam's class. The same day we talked about bringing food and clothes they were also told the next day would be picture day. She came and whispered to me "I am going to wear my princess flippy floppy special shoes-- but don't tell anyone!" I think the cuteness of these little guys is augmented by their accents haa! Anyway, Katie's mom forgot her camera so she asked me if I would mine taking a few of her girls-- um yes please!
Katie is always dressed so gorgeously in light linens and sun dresses I love it. On this particular day her mom tied gorgeous gold ribbon through out her curls and then a little matching bracelet.
Ana, her little sister, comes to our music and movement group and is very shy
I loved her tiny little basket.
She opened up when we asked her to show us all the eggs she found. I love those piggy tails. I can't wait until I can do Abby's hair!
Reirnan, was all smiles and laughing to loudly I had to take a picture. His Dad is from Ireland and we had a lovely time chatting about the many gorgeous places to visit there. His mom is from Ethiopia and is such an amazing lady.
On this lovely Saturday most of the locals were playing in the water or fishing. The kids love jumping off the various pilings and walls all along beach road.
I am soooo grateful that Jody put on this Easter egg hunt, and that they had one at Sam's school because none of the Easter items I ordered online had made it in time. When we got home and while the kids were napping the "Easter Bunny" came and took back the empty eggs... then brought them back again last night!


Jan said...

HAPPY EASTER SAM, LIAM, ABBY Q , KELLY AND CHRIS!!.. I'm glad you had a fun Easter Egg Hunt. Ambassador's house looks lovely. Missed you a ton today. Loved conference.

Elizabeth Moon said...

What a beautiful post. It is so fun to read the little details about all your little friends. You are meeting such cool people! And I really do want to come visit!

The Gardener said...

What cute kids! All that curly hair. Glad you had a happy easter.