Saturday, April 10, 2010

A long time ago at a Monkey Business far far away

(I had been looking for these pictures FOREVER and finally found them... hence the 2 month old post) We had our goodbye party! Not to toot our own horn but this was SUCH a fun good bye party. We totally got the hook up thanks to our friend Cady! We arranged a switch where I did a photo shoot at one of their ballet recitals and in return we got to have our party at MOBU for free! This was perfect because the majority of our friends have at least one child and we wanted to be able to have one last hurrah with everyone but there was no way we could fit in our tiny Oakwood apartment. First the kids got to have their face painted. Liam wanted to be a dragon
Sam wanted to be a pirate. He was actually very nervous to get it done and I had to really talk him into it.
He loved it once I showed him how it looked in the mirror
Riley liked the Drago idea and decided to go with that
Little Miss Kate was a gorgeous butterfly
Then Cady broke out the instruments
The kids had a blast with the sticks, egg shakers, scarves and bells.
We had to get a picture with our favorite babysitter Rebecca. I only hope that we overlap in the states again with her family, they are AMAZING.
Ryan brought the most crazy delicious cupcakes to add to our smorgasbord of snacks (She told me the frosting is just melted chocolate and whipping cream-- YUM!) I asked Sam what he wanted at his goodbye party and he said white doughnuts so we had some of those too.
Once the party started winding down we got to spend some quality time with our good buddies Atticus and Gwyneth.
Brandon was brave enough to come with both of them on his own (Elizabeth was in charge of the Enrichment that night- bummers) When Sam saw these pictures today he said "How 'bout we go to Atticus's house. Thats a GREAT idea."
Liam wandered upstairs and came back with these sunglasses on and carrying a pink and purple cash register.
After everything was all cleaned up I said my weepy goodbye to Cady and Khanyi and we headed back to our very empty apartment. We spent our last day running CRAZY errands and feeling very flustered. We had our "final" meal at one of my favorites Potbellies, with some of our favorite people

I looked ridiculous in the parking lot sobbing but hey what can you do when your saying goodbye to such fabulous friends? The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn at Reagan National and looked like this as we headed toward security:
I heard gasps as we rolled up in all our glory... and the rest is history! Thanks for the fabulous send off friends it was a BLAST!


Z. Marie said...

Those gasps were from people hoping you weren't on their flight ...
Just kidding. That was a fun party! And the cupcakes were awesome!

Heidi said...

it is hard hearing your kids say "let's go play with (insert name of friend that is hundreds of miles away)." My kids say it about their grandparents. We are only just over a 3 hour drive away and see them frequently- but Jake says it like we can just add it to the list of things to do. "Let's get a doughnut at walmart and then go see my grandpa- ok?' But it is looking like they are making great friends there. I know I survived moving around as a military child-(and had great experiences- as your kids are) but for some reason it is hard for me to move my kids. I know that they are more resilient that I think- but it is still hard.

Lauren said...

That does look like an awesome party! Hope you are enjoying your new location.