Thursday, April 15, 2010

V is for Molecano

Sam's preschool teacher Ms. Naomi is AMAZING. She some how melds perfectly no nonsense with the tenderness needed to have preschoolers love you. Sam is learning a crazy amount and I have been having fun doing homework with him. Last week the letter of the week was V. We practiced lots of V words one of which is Volcano. Sam cannot say Volcano for his life. He always says Molecano. He'll make the V V V sound then VVV Molecano, it cracks me up. I decided it would be fun to make a homemade volcano so we looked up the recipe online and went to town. When the Volcano "errupted" (more of fizzled over in frothy pinkness) Sam gave me this look
During W week Sam came home with a Witch's hat. I told him that since he was a boy he was a wah wah wizard. He looked at me and with a cute smile said "wah wah whatever." HAAAA! He made sure to bring Liam home a hat, and the two of them put spells on imaginary foes for the rest of the evening.
We had another fantastic mail day, lets just say Sam's Pirate Birthday party is going to be AWESOME (of course tons of pictures will follow!) I also received my first HUGE print of a picture I took. I was so excited I opened it right there in the mail room. I am dying to get our frames so I can start covering our sad bare walls. Another great thing about Sam's school is how much they recycle. After we are done using our box's as spaceships
we take them to school and I love seeing them come home as random fun art projects that have been stapled and glued together. They have these heaping piles of recycled material for the kids to dig through and let their creativity flow. Perfect for a three year old!


Jan said...

Kelly, Those are the ccuutesst box boys I have ever seen. I love that Sam brings home a hat for Liam. Have you printed out any of your blog for your journal yet? You've got to do it. You are an amazing photographer. Love, Jan