Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marching To the Beat

On Sunday I was woken from my regularly scheduled Sunday nap by a repeadted loud thumping. Our house here in Dili is made of metal so most things reverberate through it (thus making Abby's crying at night unbearable-- thats another story) I laid there trying to figure out if it was just a car parked outside our walls blaring its radio or if it was worth going outside. When Sam and I headed out we saw one of the local high schools parading down the street with their band and "cheerleaders". Of course I had to dash back inside to get my camera. (our houses have the blue roofs in the background)
They took a break right in front of our house, well, a break from Marching, not from banging on their drums.
The girls looked like they were having fun despite the heat.
You gotta love their pom poms
Chris has taught me how to say "May I take a picture?" in Tetum. I actually usually receive a no and then they run away, but today the drummer guy looked at me and said "sure whatever" in English. Can't you just feel his attitude seeping through this photo, I feel for his teacher!
I am glad the locals were as excited about the parade as Sam and I. Everyone stopped washing their cars (a Sunday tradition here apparently) and hung out watching the show
Sam and I headed back inside to enjoy the rest of our quiet Sunday, but not before we took a wiff of the gorgeous Gardenias that are going crazy on our trees this week. Mmmmmm I LOVE that smell


Cady said...

I love gardenias too, you're so lucky! Looks like everyone is in the band and a cheerleader! Those pompoms rock!