Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sammy and the Port-- and other happenings

This week was a FAST one! Liam started Dili Sprouts (how CUTE IS THAT!!!) he goes MWF from 8:30-11:30. Then Sam goes to school from 12-4. Add in Swim lessons on Tues for Lemers and Weds for Sam, playgroup on Thursday and oh my gosh I can't believe how fast the week went. After I drop Liam off at school I head to the embassy to work out. I spent the entire time on the treadmill Wednesday with a rock in my stomach thinking that Liam would be crying for 3 hours. It didn't help when my friend Nicola came and reluctantly informed me that yes he was crying when she dropped Addie off. Dang it. When I picked him up his sweet teacher Anna totally downplayed it and said he stopped crying once she started talking about favorite colors. He perked up and named off our entire families favorite colors (mine is purple and Chris loves pink-- according to Liam)
It has been great being able to spend some nice one on one time with the cuties though. I didn't take very many pictures this week because, well it just was to crazy! I did catch some of Sam at the port. It is a hotspot here in Dili. People are always hanging out waiting for shipments or getting on or off the ferry to Autaru (the island just off our coast). When we drove past the other day Sam asked if we could get on the ferry and go to the island and get some strawberries. AHHHH stab to the heart. He totally thought we were by the Jamestown ferry and wanted to go out to our favorite farm college run. I let him know NOTHING would make me happier then to be able to do that but that there were no strawberries on that particular island... or in this hemisphere haa!. The entrance to the port is this cool black rock with blue doors. Sam hide in the entrance when I asked him if I could take a picture of him.
I told him I would LOVE to see both eyes. So he stooped down a little and gave a me a sort of smile.
When I told him I would give him some smarties if he would really smile-- well that hit the spot and he jumped up and became super cheesy 80's model boy.
"Maybe a tiny bit less cheesy Sammy"
"How 'bout you do a picture of I'm a little tea pot?"
"Ummm ok?"
"Alright. Sam the guy wants to come out of the door"
"Watch out the teapots hot"
Have I mentioned I LOVE his preschool teacher?
Someday we will get a real hair cut instead of my random trims during coloring time. On Friday night My friend Meredith had a ladies dinner at her home. It was such a great night. We all brought a dish from our country (or whatever you wanted) I wish I had brought a map and stuck a pin in all of the countries I heard mentioned that night. It sounded something like this:
"In Cosivo the guys..." but "In Pakistan they"..."Down in the Solomon islands"... "New Zelanders don't"..."I had none of my spices from Ghana"... Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece... it was amazing! The conversation and stories were incredible and the food as good as the conversation. Che Che was there with Meredith's nanny Ellen to help anyone with their cuties, but Chris had been kind enough to take all three so my hands were free all evening. Saturday evening Che Che did come and watched the kiddos while Chris and I went to a very highly recommend restaurant. I have been dying for some good meat and was told this was the place. I am KICKING myself for not bringing my camera, but I figure we will be going back :) I order the "Steak on a hot stone" and that is literally what I got. It was a HUGE piece of almost raw meat on a searingly hot hunk of stone. It was fabulous! I love my meat WELL done so I could cut it up and sear every bit of pink right out of it. Yum yum. We had originally planned on brining the kids because our friend said there was no one else there when she went so they wouldn't bother anyone and that it was kid friendly. She was right about the no one else being there but it is only kid friendly if your kids like getting 3rd degree burns from bumping into their mom or dads "hot stones". Our poor waitress totally burned her arm delivering them. Chris and I both joked that this was another "only in Timor" thing. There is no way they would do this in the States, law suits for burns would abound and restaurants would probably be burned to the ground. So we will enjoy it while we are here, and have yet another fun restaurant to take Kerstin to when she visits! Well that is a short version of a crazy week and for my own selfish reasons one more of Sam... a black and white of course!


Jan said...

What a little heart throb!! You are going to be beating the girls away with a stick when Sammy grows up. I love his "cheesy" and his "tea pot". Will the two boys miss each other too much having school at opposite times. Love you-

Leah Miller said...

Jack has that shirt, but I could only find it in a size 6. It is way too big. Maybe next year. Cute pics. He is soooo handsome.

Robyn Reynolds said...

He is so handsome! It sounds like you guys are having so much fun. I love that your kids are in so many activities. That is so great.