Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whats important

Chris and I have been talking about money a lot lately- bleh. I honestly hate talking about money (mainly because I am a VERY poor manager of it). We are trying to make BIG life decisions the kind that you either really regret later or are really grateful you did. I have been stressed, making mental lists, going back and forth. We have been saying prayers and fasting for several different reasons and when I was praying simultaneously for the health of a very beloved sister in law and about monetary questions I was embarrassed by the pairing. As I knelt there I thought about two of my very good friends whom I have been praying for lately. Both with hefty trials in their lives right now and again I was embarrassed. As we left a restaurant today a young boy asked if we would buy this or that. My immediate response in tetum "no thank you" his response "I am so hungry" and I was again embarrassed by my own petty "issues". Tonight, to "escape" I just wanted to look at some beautiful photography, so I thought I would check one of my fav photographer's blogs Natalie Norton. I hadn't checked her blog since we moved. I read this post and began crying, hard. After regaining some composure I sat here at my computer contemplating which of my 3 cuties was going to get a midnight waking because I had to hold someone. Luckily right then Abby squeaked a little and that was enough. She probably would have gone back to sleep on her own but I was so glad that I could hold her for a while. I keep having this realization over and over, they are ALL that matters. I cannot be more blessed and I just had to express it in some form. Will they remember if we had granite counter tops- heck no. But they sure will remember playing super hero, making volcanoes and train tracks, and having picnics in our tent made of sheets-- so A LOT more of THAT will be happening around here and a whole lot less looking at Restoration Hardware, I am wide awake, thanks for the call.


Leah Miller said...

Great thought...thanks for sharing. I met Natalie Norton a few months ago and had a similar experience after hearing her story. I need to spend less time thinking and worrying about silly things. :-)

Jan said...

Kelly, Good points. ( I hope you bought something from the little guy). I am so grateful for the good outcome with Kelly. We do need those wake-up calls to remind us of what is really important. Good luck with your planning for the future.