Saturday, April 3, 2010

Come and See Us!

Not that we are expecting a ton of guests (as much as we really really really would LOVE it) If you are even contemplating a trip to our side of the world do NOT try and look up tickets all the way too East Timor... that is nearly impossible and usually will be insanely expensive. If you are just curious how much of a loan you would need to take out to come see us look for flights to either of the following: Bali, Singapore or if you'd like to also visit Australia Darwin. The Bali route is by far the cheapest and we got some great news this week, there is a new competing airline starting to fly here this summer. That and Mirapati the airline that flies right now is uping their flight number form one a day to two! We are pretty sure this means prices are going to drop by more than half, hopefully making a round trip ticket to Bali- Dili only 150 at the most! (warning: if this is the case you guys are going to get pretty sick of Bali posts!) Yet another reason to visit indonesia? Well if you are from Williamsburg and know the Nielsen's (as in Tanner, Cherylyn, Clark, Andrew and new baby girl) they are moving to Jakarta this June!!!!! I was so excited when I heard I didn't know what to do with myself. A few months after Christopher was offered his job Tanner took the plunge and also joined the Foreign Service. They had their flag day a few weeks ago and could not believe when they were assigned to Jakarta. We are so excited to have weekend vacas together on random indonesian islands. Anyway I know this is somewhat of a lame weird post but just for informational purposes.... So book your flights now because we are getting lots of reservations for hotel Crawford... lets see we have one in May and yup otherwise we are pretty much open-- thank heavens for Kerstin!!!
(The picture at the top is of Jaco Island-- one of the MANY cool places we could take you if you come :))


Kerstin said...

I can't wait! Only 4 weeks away!

The Gardener said...

I noticed you left out how much the other flights to get to Bali would cost.
I'm tempted. Once I look up the airfares I'll probably work myself out of that temptation. But, you never know!

nora ballantyne harrison said...

THANK YOU!! what's a good amoutn of time to stay? (since i obviously can't LIVE there, which is what i really want to do) xoxo.

Cherylyn said...

Woohoo! We are so excited. Thanks for the shout out! Although, I don't know if we would be allowed in Dili because apparently all the expats in Dili have to be "ridiculously good-looking" (name the movie) based on all your photos of everyone there...or maybe the credit should go to the photographer????? ;-)