Monday, April 5, 2010

Bubble Tunic

I have had material all cut out and ready to go to make yet another tunic for Abbers. I had totally planned on doing a tutorial because they are so easy to make. But um, those are A LOT of work and I am SURE there would be a much better one out there, (garunteed somewhere in the Ruffles and Stuff there's one). Boy am I glad I didn't. I decided I wanted to do something different and do a bubble tunic. I am sure they are out there, I am not that original, but I don't remember seeing one specifically. So I sat dow to make it thinking it would be cake. The first 90% went super fast. Once I have everything cut out and ironed it usually takes me about 15 minutes to sew... not this time. I sat with my sewing machine at the dinner table for a good 45 minutes trying to figure out what in the world I was doing wrong. Every time I went to turn the tunic right side out after sewing, it wouldn't turn and was all twisted up. Chris must have asked me 3 or 4 times if I was okay, because I literally was staring into the abyss for minutes on end trying to work it through in my head. When I did figure it out I of course felt ridiculous and it whipped together in a minute or so. Oh my gosh do I LOVE it. Abby had already gone to bed (bathed and jammied by her Daddy so mommy could sit and slip slowly into madness trying to figure it out) but I was so tempted to wake her up to try it on. I resisted until the morning. We were woken by an early morning call from the states so I was already up at 6am when Chris came back inside from heading to work out to tell me I really wanted to see the bay right now. I trudged out in my hideous jammies (winter flannel pants that I had received my freshman year at BYU to go to a jammie dance, that had torn at the knee so I just cut them off into shorts, paired with a HUGE ugly shirt from AE, and my sweet fake sweater Uggs, I think I saw our guard throwing up after seeing me) It was worth it though because I got to enjoy this:
I then twiddled my thumbs, and waited the 20 excruciating minutes until Abby woke up. The poor girl woke up and I immediately got her all dressed and dragged her out in the bright morning light (not the best for pictures or poor baby) I did a horrible job with these pictures, I mean Abby is adorable but I am pretty bad at positioning so that the clothing is the centerpiece. I am NOT good at taking pictures of "products" or table top photography. These pictures don't do it justice at all.
There are little pearl buttons on the straps and it is so cute and fluffy. I guess I could actually put forth some effort and take some pics of the tunic on its own but, I am pretty burned out for the moment on this thing and just want to enjoy seeing Abby in it. So there you have a whole huge long post about one little tunic, for one cute little girl.


The Grady's said...

too cute! You are so talented!

Kristin said...

Kelly I'm absolutely dying at how cute little Abby is! She's getting so big and it looks like she's keeping her cute dark her! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tunic! Such cute material too! Miss you guys, I'm SUPER excited for you guys to come this summer!!! I made the mistake of telling Lucy Sam's coming to visit, and now she asks everyday if Sam's coming :)

The Gardener said...

You just ruined my day with that no tutorial comment.
Abby looks great though. Sigh...

Gratitude said...

you are a super mom and super talented too! Abby is soooo CUTE, and the dress is beyond adorable!
OMG. you guys are family of FASHIONISTA :)